Saturday, January 23, 2010

socked in

today was so foggy, which turned out to be awesome. the landscape got even more magical, the sense of this ancient culture got even more vivid and the driving got even more hazardous. we went to the rock of cashel- 12c. cathedral, castle and site of many other awesome and tragic things. legend says st patrick baptized the king on the rock and accidentally stabbed his foot with his staff, but the king thought it was part of the ceremony and kept quiet. it also had a gift shop that sold "minerals and ices" amongst other things. next we went to a giant stone circle, ala stongehenge, which is dated about 2000 bc! it was literally 50 yards off of the highway behind a little shepherds fence. a man named travis looks after it and he told us all about the place while his daughter annie painted the "visitors center" - which was a garden shed - in extremely cold, wet weather. he was great and so was the circle. day 2...