Thursday, May 27, 2010


quick update-
bought house, moving, in two days, construction, painting, refinishing floors, packing, newborn, 3 year old, 2 year old, happy, grateful, tired, excited, malnourished, still only fit into one pair of non-maternity jeans.
this video should fill in the blanks.
i promise to get better at this... wish us luck!


  1. Oh Blythe!! thanks for this update. I WISH I WAS THERE TO HELP YOU! i would be your slave :) cheerfully!

  2. Hi Blythe, Girl you've got your hands full. I have two hands that would love to help you this coming week. I will do whatever you want... (babysit? laundry? pack?). Let me know! (;

  3. B, I love you! You are doing great. =) Let me know when I can come over and occupy the girls so you can rest or whatever. xo

  4. Hi Blythe. Jenn Burkhardt here. We've met... maybe. Regardless, I loved this. It's real for us moms, it makes us laugh, and in the end... it's all good.

  5. So, sure it's 2014, but this was when I started reading your blog. It was a good day that Kate Rhodes told me about this really cool friend of hers. And I'm so glad you've picked it back up again! (to me this will always be your intro into vlogging)