Friday, November 19, 2010

recent discovery

so i never ever thought about school, really. and sometimes i even felt weird about it because all my lady friends were talking about preschool, this and that. and most of the time i felt like a loser, smiling and um-huming and thinking to myself, "why am i not thinking about this stuff??? i am a terrible mother!"

and then suddenly hero was three, then three and a half and then the wall hit me. kids starting school all around her. but why not her? i knew i had to figure this out.

and then my dear friend, hope, gave me this book. a dreaded book to some maybe, but a treasure trove to me.
the book is titled, "real learning," by elizabeth foss.
and the sub title reads "education in the heart of the home."

GAH! home?!

does that mean what i think it is? am i that lady??

guess what?
i am.

this book reminded me that english class can be reading great books under a tree in the warm spring air. it reminded me that science can be touching anemone's at the ocean and planting in our garden together. i bet i would know how to explain photosynthesis better if i learned it while i sat in the dirt with the sunshine pouring down on me. it reminded me that i am this kinda lady. i am into this crazy stuff.

and beyond that... i really believe the education system is failing our kids. i believe kids need to learn at their own pace. i believe that children should be shown great art, great music and great literature. i want good stuff... great stuff... poured out on them everyday while they learn. these things are the heart of the schooling i want for my ones. and while, for many, that can be found in incredible schools all over the place... it looks like we fikes are going to try to find it here.

and maybe that's why i never got into thinking hard about schooling. maybe because the fire was waiting to be ignited here. through the wise words of a mother-author-teacher who reminded me that i will know what's best for my babes. and i will love them the very best, even when it comes to learning, because i am their momma. and who knows? maybe that will mean a change of plans down the road... i just gotta trust that the answers will keep coming to me. a future fail? maybe. a future success? maybe!

and so, as far as i can see, it looks like "homeschooler" is another tag you can add to the list. and if you think i am crazy for it, well then let's not forget i am also a homebirthing, unvaccinating, artist, catholic.
see? you already thought i was nuts.

meet the teach.

"education is the not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire"- w.b. yeats


  1. You'll do great.

    May the Lord direct your hearts into God’s love and Christ’s perseverance.

    II Thess 3:5

  2. My mom home-schooled my brother and I. We loved it. She gave us the option of going to public school, and I started going in 5th grade.
    I loved it: she got school/group discounts at science centers and museums, we did work outside, we made a vegetable garden, we drew, danced, and sang--we loved life. We learned phonics from a record player. I learned so much...

  3. I love your blog, Blythe! A book that I highly recommend for you (it made me cry in the best kind of way) is Love In A Time of Homeschool. It is a story of great love between a mother and a daughter and there is a lot of honesty and wonderful insight in there. I very seriously considered homeschooling, and still might do it, if it is what works best for my younger child (children??). I salute you in this journey - it is a beautiful one!

  4. What a beautiful choice, my friend. I'm so happy for your lucky, lucky babies :).

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