Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Ramble, Ramble

1.Tooth fairy.
We are quickly becoming the worst tooth fairies ever to have ever been. The last two teeth that Mary lost were forgotten by the tooth fairy aka us. She has only lost three teeth so forgetting two is not saying much. The last time this happened, I overheard her telling Kirby how the tooth fairy never came. It was the saddest. I scrounged some change in our bedroom desk drawer and told her I had found it under my pillow and how silly and the tooth fairy must have been unsure of who to bestow the magical prize of two quarters upon and so she left it up to mama to delegate. She bought it, little trusting creature that she is.

And it happened again last night! In the morning, nothing under the pillow but tooth. Kirby told her the tooth fairy knew she needed rest because she had a bit of a cold and she didn't want to accidentally wake her upon coin/tooth exchange. She was fine with that explanation but goodness this can't go on forever. It's getting depressing and making me feel like an f- parent.

2. Mangey cat.
We have a major problem in the stray animal department with this black cat who feels completely entitled to our home and lives. I find him asleep in our house in intimate places such as my sock pairing basket and my children's beds. It sneaks in and eats our cat's food; and our cat, who is typically sort of a tough jerk, just shudders at the sight of the black cat. And "at the sight of the black cat" is happening all the live long day due to the entitlement issue I mentioned previously.

I used to just hate the cat with a pure hatred but now the cat has a gaping wound on it's neck and so my hatred is intermingled with disgust and sadness for the unwanted, wounded cat. Now, every time I find it in my house I catch it and pour hydrogen peroxide on the wound as a sort of two fold punishment and charitable act.

Yesterday, sweet, lovey Mary flitted into our room to tell me she had offered some food to the dear thing and poured him a large glass of milk to drink. I found the cat sprawled on our back porch in the sun, wound agape, having drank approx 3 laps of a very full mug of pricey pricey raw milk.

This hatred/sympathy/bitterness of the cat and his sad, boney rib cage and his wound are slowly gnawing away at my soul.

But it's all up to me! If I want him gone (says animal control) I have to catch him and drive him to a shelter which sounds like the most useless way to spend my time. I can't figure out what's more of an inconvenience to me. This is becoming a complicated, expensive and gross problem. What to do...

3. Leaving babies.
I left my baby for the first time last Friday due to having a babysitter that can do any/all things and due to our friend's band playing and due to my desire to go out without my baby. It was awesome. The first time you ditch your baby it's a bit scary because you're kind of feeling a little bit like this can't possibly be working but then it does you're singing hallelujah for the first (fifth) time. As long as there is a willing participator on the baby watching side of things, then there are conversations, and sitting down for as long as you want, and eating good meals, and drinking alcohol, and maybe even a post dessert Nat Sherman on the other side of things. And I know, I know, you don't have to leave your baby to do all that. But my baby doesn't seem to enjoy third wheeling it with us. He is more the "I'd rather you stood up and held me slightly on the right while walking in a figure eight while singing" type of baby so I was happy to snip that line.

I mean, he is sooooo cute and I even missed him but worth it.

I'll probably engage in some intense celebratory actions involving cocktails and staying up too late but I'm guessing that'll taper off in a week or seven.

*Morning-after pic courtesy of some child. I appreciate how the blurriness softens some of the "details".

4. Swimsuits.
An old friend of mine owns an awesome bathing suit company called Rey Swimwear. She is hoping to launch a line for girls but she needs our help to do it. It's like this- she releases two swimsuits for pre-order for a two week period and if she meets her quota, the line will become a permanent fixture for Rey Swimwear. I'm telling you, I was half-gagging as I flipped through the Target racks for Hero this year. She recently graduated beyond the little-little girls section and all there was were cut-outs and sparkly fringe and lots of strings. And not lots of "hello, I'm only SEVEN."

I won't spend $20 on that but I will spend $40 on something modest, age-apprope and CUTE.

Here is the pre-order link if you're into it. There are only a few more days for the pre-sale, so please, please order yours. It might feel a bit pricey but I think helping this much-needed swim line get on the market is a perfectly almsworthy cause.

5. Preparation.
We have been prepping Hero for her First Holy Communion which is both incredible and terrifying being that we had our First Holy Communion at the ripe old age of 23 and have never prepared another person besides ourselves. Yesterday she told me that God and the Blessed Mother were her bff's (acronym cringe), so I'm pretty sure we are nailing it.

6. Butchers.
Yesterday I called a local butcher to get some info on ordering sausage. I threw out a few crunchy questions about the pig and whether it was "pasture raised." He prompted his response by saying this AND I QUOTE "Listen- coming from a person who knows pigs to a person that knows nothing about pigs let me tell you..."

So, I shrunk and shrunk until I was standing in my shoes like swimming pools and then I ordered an entire pig.

7. Wound care.
That word just keeps cropping up, doesn't it? Our pediatrician is a saint. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want a job because she is always giving me ways to get out of needing a doctor, ever. And I love that.

She gave me a recipe for a wound salve that I can't wait to try (Children! Go do dangerous things! I have a wound salve I need to try!)

It has two ingredients so we can all handle it: Un-petroleum Jelly by Alba (petroleum based things freak me the freak out. This product is awesome.) and Tea Tree oil. Mix and slather on every wound in sight for quick healing.

For more quick takes see Jen. And Kate and Steph.

Happy weekending, all you people.
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  1. Hello, you have very cute kids

  2. This is fantastic:
    "Yesterday I called a local butcher to get some info on ordering sausage. I threw out a few crunchy questions about the pig and whether it was "pasture raised." He prompted his response by saying this AND I QUOTE "Listen- coming from a person who knows pigs to a person that knows nothing about pigs let me tell you..."

    So, I shrunk and shrunk until I was standing in my shoes like swimming pools and then I ordered an entire pig."

    Go you.

    Pretty soon I'm pretty sure that we are going to have a pig, here at my very own house… And I will become both the person who owns the pig, and also somehow the person who knows nothing about pigs. Which should be interesting. (Good thing my husband's learning curve is fast on this kind of thing…)

    PS. Is that bacon to DIE FOR, or what?

  3. Reading through all your posts is one of the most enjoyable things ever. So glad I found your blog!!

    1. Ana! Did you ever see my comment from of old? My parents are your in-laws are old friends! Love discovering new connections;)

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