Monday, March 31, 2014

Mosquito bites

Yesterday I was reading up on mosquito bites after Clemmy got one that caused her hand to swell up big enough for me to feel like I should probably read up on mosquito bites.

One article I saw suggested a few preventive measures on how to keep our children safe from bug bites that might wind up infected or diseased or etc. (tap, tap. Is this thing on? Bug bites.) The primary measure suggested was to instruct our children of the dangers of bugs and their bites and to teach them to protect themselves by always wearing shoes in the grass or when playing outside.

For fear of bug bites.
How depressing.

Last night I was anxious about Clemmy's swollen hand. Tonight I lay in bed with obnoxiously itchy ankles dosed in lavender oil in hopes that the bites will stop bothering me. It's bug season, I guess. But it's also warm weather season, and citrus blossom season, and veggie garden seedling season and carpenter bees in the wisteria season, and laying on old sheets in the grass season and barefoot season. And I will take all of that in exchange for some itching and swelling.

On the surface, I imagine we all would. But someone out there is really, actually trying to convince us to steer our children from the dangers of barefoot in the grass.

(Don't listen to them.)


  1. We had an Indian neighbor (dot not feather) who chided me for having my boys in shoes all the time. He said that they ought to go barefoot more or their feet wouldn't develop properly. He always wore flip-flops himself. Love your pictures and posts:^) and hope you all are doing well and all the bug bites are healing...

  2. Apis mellifica. Homeopathic remedy. Works wonders! Another remedy is pine tar soap. Does the job too. Doesn't eliminate bites, just makes them not so obnoxious and itchy!

  3. Years ago, I had my oldest in for a checkup, and the pediatritian chided me because he was covered in bites! Well, yeah, I said, because he's outside playing instead of inside watching TV! (we do watch TV, but really, outside rocks.)

  4. The boy is so cute, love to play naughty. You do not let little mosquito bites, because dangerous mosquito bites is dengue

  5. Playing in the grass with their shoes on? It just doesn't feel the same! While safely should always come first before fun, it doesn’t mean we have to give up on the latter. I think the best preventive measure we could take here is to make sure the area the kids will play on is totally free of those pests and bugs that might harm them. Take care!

    Mindy Dawson @ Cooper Pest

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