Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I feel like I'm almost constantly on some sort of campaign with my husband. Sometimes my ideas are a little subpar, but I can't really remember those ones. Sometimes they are great. Like buying our house and redoing our backyard and going to Ireland. Sometimes my crazy ideas are ones that he ends up reallllly happy with, so it boosts my confidence because I wind up believing he really wants to do all the things I want to do. He just doesn't know it yet.

Sometimes I just need to do it, and trust it'll all be fine. Like getting and moving our piano literally into our house while he was at work one day. We had had a number of piano conversations in which "it won't fit, it just won't work, etc" but I knew it would, and I knew it would be great. And then a free upright came along and I just went for it. And guess what? It worked.

But my current campaigns are proving to be a tish more difficult.

A want a dog. This dog. He seriously won't hear it. He thinks I'm super nuts. He thinks I'm super, super nuts for wanting a dog with five kids including a three month old baby. But I'm pretty convinced. For one, I'm already cleaning up messes all day long. Why would a puppy mess be especially awful?
For two, I'm already scolding/redirecting/teaching all day long. Why would scolding/redirecting/teaching a puppy be any extra special burden? I tend to just think it'll all be fine (like someone else I know.) I think I'm up for the challenge. He is on retreat twice a year and I would love to have a non-small child protective companion. I would also love to have a dog ottoman. Plus, this dog can save people from the ocean and was Nana from Peter Pan. I mean, I really shouldn't need a single, solitary argument beyond those last two right? I don't think I can pull a piano on this one but the idea *has* crossed my mind. (I bet he is dry heaving at his desk somewhere)

I want to build a second story addition. I can't imagine going into detail about this would be interesting in the least but let me just say it will include a quiet, secluded master bedroom paradise with our own bathroom with a huge bathtub and big-enough closet and a little crib room and a laundry shoot and a little altar space and possibly a private deck. He keeps bringing up things like "taking off the roof" and "money" but I prefer to focus on the positive.

But you know what? I adore him for it. And I think he adores me for it, too. Because it reminds us of the balance we strike together. It reminds me that without him I would be massively in debt with credit cards racked with impulsive decisions. And I think it reminds him that without me he wouldn't have an awesome collection of thrifted decor or chickens (neither of which are of special or any significance to him but it's the principle.) (winky face)

Anyway, I love him. He loves me.

P.S. San Francisco de Asis pray for me! I need this creature in my life.


  1. This sounds just like my marriage except the part about wanting a dog. I do not.

    But you're right it WILL probably be fine.:0)

  2. Oh My GOSH! That dog is HUGE!!! I never wanted a dog...we ended up with one...happy we have one, most days LOL