Friday, March 7, 2014

7 quick takes: Catholic City

*People that blog, this is my first 7 quick takes, I assume I just write down 7 mini posts and then link Conversion Diary at the end, right? Am I missing something? Tell me how I do.

My mom took all my kids minus baby to the La Brea tar pits yesterday. All alone, spur of the moment, hero lady super-grandma act of valor. I kept thinking, "I should really spend this time wisely and read and pray and kind of re-do my Lenten kick off." But instead I watched about 17 episodes of House of Cards and did a few loads of unnecessary laundry so I would keep having something to fold and therefore justify my prolonged sitting. I suppose the show is a pretty good lesson is how not to be completely evil and THAT can be a constructive Lenten activity, right? I also really should commit myself to knowing more about politics AND the gnarly scenes are pretty easily skippable, so there's that.



"Isn't that one of those shows you don't admit you're watching?" You ask? "Yes," I say. 

Speaking of real Lent, I loved my dear friend Kendra's post on it. So did everyone else. If you haven't had a chance to read it- do! It's not too late to heap a few more resolutions on the table. 
Here is what we have going on over here.
For myself: diminished phone time, no shopping/buying anything that's not completely necessary, giving some time everyday to decluttering an area of the casa (make a list of small forty areas, cross one of everyday, brills! **not my idea** **haven't done it yet**) for the family: I'm asking the childrens to collectively agree on something to give away, every day, no screens unless I'm in desp need of screens AND no sweets. Plus, Kirby is doing some cool little catechism quiz every night that involves stickers and my kids running out of the room to tell me how many candies they are gonna get. I overheard some pretty intense questions like "what material should the scared vessels be made of?" (To the 5 yo) and "name the four gospel authors." (To the 7yo) to which both replied with "................................................." That's all I know because when that sweet little quiz time I happening, I'm hiding out somewhere catching up on Instagram.

Speaking of Kirby, after everyone was asleep on Wednesday, I found Kirby rifling through the pantry for anything sweetish. I gently reminded him that we were all giving up sweets/lent juuuust started/what's wrong with you?! To which he sweetly replied SCOFF/what?/said who?/LOL/lets just make the kids do it!


I feel like these are a bit longer than they should be so I'll skip this one to sort of even it out.

The song "Let it Go" is taking over my life. All three girls sing/perform it constantly. Actually, scratch that, all three girls plus me sing/perform it constantly. I bet you my favorite line is your favorite line. "No right, no wrong, no rules for meeeeeee. I'm freeeeeeee!"

Wow. Could there be a more terrible song to be singing all the live-long day? (I mean, yes, there are plenty more terrible songs) But I do think there is something reeeeeally funny about the mom who really wants her kids to understand order, morality, authority, true spiritual freedom, etc to be belting this song out on the daily. Just let it go, children! No rules here! Be freeeeeeeee! Lol SIKE.

I'm kind of wanting to rename this Bloggy blog. No offense to my husband and his bloodline but the name "Fike" is.... How should I put this? I mean, you know. It's not the prettiest. 

Kirby suggested I play off of the Kendrick Lamar album title for "good kid, maad city" and call it "good kids, catholic city" but then we realized a. That sounds TERRIBLE and b. not many people that might read this blog would get that reference (right? You had no clue, right?) and c. This is really just him trying to take over my blog (he has already suggested a regular guest spot for himself in which he discusses celebrity gossip) (............................)

= <3

Happy weekend!! For more quick takes go here.

But hey- there are no links because blogger is driving me INsane. Any recommendations on the best platform/app for iPhone? I can't link from my phone, I can't edit from my iPad and the fonts get all jumbled up when I post. It's making me loose my mind and waste my day.

For now, old school typing for you: 
And for the lent post:


  1. I have the blogger app on my iPad, but then I format it and put in the photos and links on the desktop before I publish it. Lame.

    p.s. you have captcha :P

  2. Only one comment? Whaat where is everybody? I wanted to read the suggestions of a good blogging platform too. I use Wordpress and it's semi-okay for writing but TERRIBLE when I try to add pics or links from my phone. I just wait till I get laptop time and do it there. Wordpress is also not the best for reading blogs on my phone - the Blogger blogs are a much nicer layout for that.

    As to the name: I really like the Fike Life. But I guess if you want to change it then you want to change it, right?

    7QT - I'm new too. But from the other blogs I've read it seems there are a million ways to do it right so no drama there.

    You've probably already figured all this out in a future post but if I don't comment now then I never will so here goes!