Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five Faves: Husband Edition

I didn't think I had anything to post on until I saw Kate's post on her husband's five favorite kitchen items. The post made me laugh really hard. It made me laugh because Kate and Jacob are dear friends, and because they are funny, and because I miss them and because her husband and my husband share the same qualities of being both on purpose and accidentally hilarious. They aren't alike in that Kirby does not/can not cook and in general isn't very kitcheny, but they are alike in that whiskey.

So, I figured that giving Kate's method a go on my husband would turn out good on some level. For the record, I didn't tell Kirby about Kate's post at all.

Without any further ado, linking up with Hallie for five favorites a day late, and as a nod to the Texas Rhodeses, here we have...

The Husband's Five Favorite Kitchen Items:

1. "Probably the alcohol."
(Offers no further explanation.)

2. Cups.
"So that I can drink the alcohol."

3. Coffee.
(Offers no further explanation.)

4. (Here begins a long silence. Squinched eyebrows, perplexed expression, ummmm's. He clearly has no idea what items are left to like in our kitchen.)

"Oh, yeah. You!" (Proud of himself, cheeky grin, eyebrows raised rhythmically, looks like Ferris Bueller.)

Blink, blink. Blink. Blink. Thanks, babe. Moving on...

5. (He is on a roll now. Renewed confidence.) Chips/cheese/cheese grater...
For nachos, obv.

So, there it is. You're welcome, you're welcome, YOU'RE WELCOME!

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