Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Highs/lows and an Answer Me This

I spend a good chunk of time today whipping up my "why I'm a Catholic" post and just had the husband read it- to which he responded (basically) you're a little mean and no one would want to come to our house for dinner if you posted it like this.

Soooooo, I'll be working on nicening....that..... before I post it.

For now, let's just play it safe with some basic "highs and lows of the last few days" and I'll pray that I don't say something horribly offensive before this post is done.

Starting with the lows: sickness.

Oh yeah, the kids were sick a mere two weeks ago but they are at it again, those little sweeties. Johnny had a high fever over the weekend that culminated in strange spots yesterday near his mouth, hands and feet (hand, foot & mouth??). You'd think! But nothing is actually in his mouth and I read they aren't supposed to itch but he was up half of the night (last night) thrashing in his bed and cryin bc of intense foot itchiness. I pulled him out of bed and whipped up a bath concoction of oats and chamomile and lavender, which helped a TON. I think there should be some sort of housekeeping clause that if you whip up a weird bath concoction for a suffering child late at night, you don't have to clean up after yourself for at least 3 weeks because that's right where I'm headed.

Behold (current status):

Then, today, Clemmy came down with a high fever and almost simultaneously a throat issue that is assisting her in rejecting all food and bottles (her life source) and just being generally miserable. And the little golden thread weaving through all of this is poor little Peter who is just crying, boogery, coughing and maybe rubbing his ears and is it just teething or the mystery illness? Anyway, so that's all fun. I'm preemptively od'ing myself on this.

Highs: clothes

Let's get shallow, shall we? Last week I sneakily ordered a few things for myself because Gap had (is having?) a really magical sale and I basically felt obligated to buy a thing or 17. Not really 17 but I did pull the trigger on not one, but two pairs of whoknowsiftheyllfit jeans and guess what? They fit! I'm still very postpartum-y and pants are the worst. Actual jeans, the legs fit, with no excessive muffin top, and they button with ease. Is there much else in the world that can please a 5 mo postpartum lady like this?? Everything was so cute that I felt fully justified for my secret online shop-jaunt. So justified that I went back to and ordered a repeat top in a different color. I think the secret to my success are these "sexy boyfriend jeans" (blame Gap, not me). They are meant to hang low and be baggy and cute and it's all on purpose. Genius. Ps I cannot tell you how awkward just trying to take a pic of your pants via your tiny bathroom mirror is. You should really thank me. Or judge me for that nasty tub in the background. Either one.

And then, somewhere after the spots and before the foot itch malarkey, I opened a bag of "goodwill-worthy" clothes my friend was getting rid of and donated first to me and guess what again? They were the cutest clothes ever and they, too, fit me! Even the jeans! I kept about 98% of her trash and I'm looking forward to my new future as Noelle's obnoxious friend that only wears her hand me downs.

Anyway, I came here meaning to do Kendra's link up so I better get after it.

1. Do you hate happy clappy church music?

I kind of do and I kind of don't. I became a Catholic on purpose. I like things to feel Catholicy. I like incense and stained glass and Latin. But I like when my kids get into it and clappy songs tend to do that. And when they're (kids) doing that, I like them (songs). But generally, no.

2. What is your priority: eating or sleeping?

This is hard because I love eating, but I pick sleeping. Sleeping is my favorite. Plus, when I don't eat I'm not a raging b but when I don't sleep...well...

3. What type of milk do you drink in your house?

Whole, raw cow's milk. Straight from the teat, bb.

4. What is a book that changed your perspective on something?

This is maybe a weird answer, but the first book that comes to mind is Born to Run (: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen). I hate running and athletics in general and I was enthralled with this book. It's about a secret tribe of Mexican, ultra, trail runners and it's incredibly inspiring and it's fascinating. I mean, the title! By the end of it I was having really elaborate daydreams of myself, barefoot running the trails all over the land. (I know that's not exactly the same as actually barefoot trail running but for me it felt almost the same.)

5. Who is your favorite saint?

P-P-P Pio! I mean, there are countless, right? But I love my patron. He loves me, too. I'm positive he prayed me into the Church. And he always makes my medals show up when I loose them. Come to think of it, they are currently lost! Padre, aiutami!

6. Introvert or extrovert?

A friend once said to me that she thought she was an introvert who was just outgoing and social. I thought maybe that was me. I crave being alone and I'm a homebody in a lot of ways. But I'm also a dance on the table kinda person in a lot of ways. I felt a little unsure of my I/E status! Then another friend told me she thought every mom, even the most extroverted moms, crave aloneness and quiet because their life is constantly social. And I think that's right. I'm extrovert that likes aloneness M-F.


  1. So sorry on the sickies! Is there anything worse? But way to go on the clothing!! In my insane nesting, I have recently gone through my pregnancy and postpartum wardrobe only to discover, of course, tons of cute stuff I should have worn around 6 months pregnant. Ordering jeans online = mucho brave in my book! Way to go!

  2. Those jeans look great on you! I've tried on a few boyfriend jeans in the past and they always make me look like the girlfriend who has been dumped by the owner of the jeans and has eaten too much Cherry Garcia to deal with the pain.

  3. Annnnd now I'm reading all about the saint Jennifer Fulwiler's Saint's Name Generator gave me (Saint Philomena). I can't wait to read your not so nice but going to make it nicer post!

  4. Love your sexy boyfriend jeans and LOVE that you're standing on your bathtub!

    I've tried to write my conversion story a few times and it always sounds wishy washy that I can't bring myself to post it - your "not so nice" post sounds MUCH more substantial.

  5. My editor is always saying stuff like that to me. I think he's the reason the whole Internet doesn't dislike me.

    So sorry you guys are sick, we are too. :0(

  6. Your bathroom looks JUST like mine. Same cabinet, floor, and bathtub! I would take Noelle's hand me downs any day, too, haha. Hope the little ones are feeling better. My bathtub is about that messy, too and we don't even have a good excuse.

  7. How did you come to have Padre Pio as your patron? I have Brigid, obviously, and Clare is my confirmation saint because 18-year-old me liked the name (Chiara).

    I've been trying to find a saint that I can build a devotion to, but man, it is hard!

    (Cute jeans, by the way!)

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  9. We are battling Hand, Foot and Mouth with Samuel right now too. Ug. I will say, when Juliana had it, there were no sores in her mouth, just on her hands and feet... but I don't know about the itching. Sammy doesn't have any in his mouth either, but we haven't had a proper diagnosis, so perhaps our dudes have the same mystery disease?

    LOVE the jeans. SO cute.

  10. Looking at that bathtub, you need St. Zita, patron saint of housekeeping, lol. My saint is St. Wilgefortis, patron saint of women with facial hair. I always offer the pain of my biweekly stache waxing up to her.

  11. Hope you don't mind me pointing out that "lose" as in to lose something is spelled "lose" not "loose." I saw it a few times recently. :p. I just subscribed to your blog not long ago and am loving it so far. Thanks for sharing your life and encouragement. I need to pray to my patron saint more!

  12. Just discovered you from grace patton, and I wish i could know you in person! you guys, both, are awesome!

  13. Annnnd now I'm reading all about the saint Jennifer Fulwiler's Saint's Name Generator gave me (Saint Philomena). I can't wait to read your not so nice but going to make it nicer post!
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