Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kirby and Macklemore or White Bros from the Evergreen State

You guys, my husband is so funny. I feel like I need to start throwing up some of his material ala Simon Says. Maybe I just won't call these posts any special name and so it won't appear like I'm stealing Grace's idea even though I really am. (It's ok though, I ran it by her first and she doesn't care if my husband also says funny things because she is nice like that). How about every once in a while, I'll just say "Oh, hey, look what Kirby said LOLOL" and we will call it a day? Maybe it won't ever even happen again, who knowz.
(tiny baby pic)

But I feel like I owe it to you, and to myself, to keep track of these things.

+We have been developing a little habit of going to the beach on Friday evenings for a picnic after work. Kirby has been working in Ventura, a beach town about 25 minutes from our house, for a few months now and he loves it there. He insisted we drive around after the beach (and after I locked our keys and our phones and our wallets in the van but that's another story. Well, it really isn't. That's basically it. We borrowed a strangers phone and called AAA and they came and that's really all there was to it.) Anyway, so he insisted, insisted we drive around Ventura to check out "the cool bars and stuff" and as we drove he mused about how we should live there and how if we did we could long-board to the bars for dates (beach-town cliches all over the place, we don't long-board anywhere) and as we approached the end of our drive he looked over at me and said, "You should really be a blue-crusher, babe."

+Kirby was spending a typical evening dancing in the kitchen while I did the dishes (to his newest on-repeat jam) and I faked like I was taking a photo of him but really filmed him so that I could cherish the mem. forever. Later that night, he was proudly watching the footage and he said, "You know, I've got some really good moves. People stop me in the street and say, 'Hey, are you Macklemore?' and I said, 'No, that's not me. That's another guy.'"


+After I discovered that my lost glasses of 6 days had actually fallen through the flappy screen in our bathroom and landed on a rolled up hose on the side yard, I could not stop being utterly amazed that this had a. happened and that I had b. discovered it. At some point in my never-ending song of praise of the entire situation I said, "I wonder what else might have fallen out that window! There could be anything out there. Are you missing anything that might be on the side-yard right now, as we speak?" To which he replied without hesitation, "Yeah, I'm missing 40,000 dollars. Could you see if that's on the side yard?"

If only, bb boy. If only.


  1. Simon + Kirby = BFF

    I'll crush it with you, B ... if I can rock a tankini

  2. I love this. I feel like the funny things my husband says border on inappropriate. Maybe not internet inappropriate, but blog inappropriate.
    Also, I will be a Blue Crush babe with you and Grace. Is it okay if I wear a muumuu?

  3. Surely $40,000 is aiming too low.

    I have no interest in crushing unless I can do a body swap with a Victoria's Secret model. #justsaying

  4. HA I've totally seen that movie. My version of it would be men's board shorts and a not-even-waterproof cami so ya know, ultra sexy.

    "Beach House Tacos" on the ventura pier has some pretty great eats AND cheap beer. And...pier. Win-win-win.

  5. These photos really have me questioning why I don't live in southern California. It may be time to up and move in with my aunt in San Diego after thinking about being able to go on a beach picnic.

  6. Soooo funny. I wish I could record all the things my husband says... but it would probably not be as funny to anyone else. Also: SIGH. I love California.

  7. Both you and Kirby make me laugh but you are the one with the blog. Thanks for making my work day more enjoyable.

  8. It took my husband and me 14 years to get pregnant and once we did I said, "See Babe. This proves to everyone that we DO have sex." To which he replied, "No, it proves to everyone that YOU had sex." I howled, cuz it's true.