Tuesday, June 9, 2015

39 weeks/muffins/muffin tops

I'm officially very almost unpregnant! Today marks 39 weeks and I feel like I've been pregnant foreverrrrrr but also I'm a little(lot) like- WOAH, hey now. Whole new person in our lives. Any day now. How did this happen so fast??

I think I always feel these things before a new baby... we probably all do, huh?

We are done with school and mostly all other major commitments, I have no more energy to spend on household projects or preparations, and so I find that we are just kinda... doing nothing. Which is actually super nice. I made muffins twice in the past two days and if that doesn't say not doing much then I don't know what does. On my future agenda for today is *watch Bachelorette, *eat ice, *maybe nap. Sounds so nice, right? It is. I like this last part of pregnancy. It's always rush, rush, rush then c  a  l  m. The calm is where it's at.

The calm is also not conducive to exciting blogging, it seems! I'll move it right along...

I realized today how much I like my staple muffin recipe and I thought you might, too.

Muffins. Wow. New lows.

Actually, leftover oatmeal muffins. Even lower lows! (sorry ::grits teeth:: pushing through)

My new breakfast plan includes making a giant double batch of oatmeal at the start of the week. So, one day we have fresh oats, another day we have leftover oats, and another day we have leftover oatmeal muffins. If I ever feel passionate no-grain feelings again please remind me of this very simple b-fast solution that covers 3 entire days a week, THX. Let me assure you- these muffins are easy and they are the bomb. I stole the recipe from Amanda over at Soule Mama... here it is. From her to me to you.

1 cup leftover oatmeal
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 T melted butter
2 T baking powder
4 T honey/maple syrup/agave/sugar whatever
1.5 cups flour
1/2 cup extra whatever (berries, nuts, chocolate chipssssss)

20 min at 400 and consume.

The past two days I have indulged all the whims and made walnut/chocolate chip muffins and they were delicious. Both times. But I've also done blueberry, fig and vanilla, cinnamon almond chia, etc etc etc forever.

You can't screw these up. No butter? Coconut oil. No wheat flour? Almond or any other type of flour substitutes fine. Don't want to mix wet and dry ingredients separately? Just toss it together. Almost out of baking powder? Turns out even that is ok! I hardly even measure anymore and I still manage to not screw them up. All the wins.

All the wins except the crying bc you can't have 3 muffins part.

 (I had 3 but don't tell her) (That's the only part that has to do with muffin tops, present and future)


  1. Totally stealing this recipe! Will be praying for you as you approach the big day!

  2. All of my Harrison Ford related woes have resurfaced so any meal that feeds my babes for several days is just my speed. That is a reference from a comment that I left 57 years ago so I completely don't mind at all that you likely don't remember, but let me just act like a normal person for a second and explain by saying that I'm in the miserable, ever exhausted first days of my fourth pregnancy and muffins with way too many chocolate chips sound awesomeeeee.

  3. New low? Hardly! Just today I was lamenting over a batch of leftover oatmeal in the chill chest, not wanting to eat it, but didn't want to throw it away.

    Quandries of my life. One is solved. Thanks, Blythe!

  4. Yum!! I'm making these! And, I seriously doubt there's a muffin top to be found! Come on, Baby Fike!!