Monday, June 1, 2015

Me Smoothie

There are a lot of real good kid smoothie recipes floating around on the internet but sometimes I just want a me smoothie. One with no one fussing about what I'm putting in it and alcohol, maybe. Yes, probably.

When Mountain High said "Hey, wanna write about yogurt?" I was like YES. For one, it actually*** is my favorite yogurt. I am a pretty faithful Trader Joe's enthusiast and, for me, the only thing that Von's or other big chains are good for is that they sell Mountain High.
***true statement

Reasons why it really is the best:
FAT - I am a big fan of real, whole fats and I hate hate hate low fat/non fat everything, everywhere. Even the full-fat Trader Joe's yogurt is super runny and that, to me, seems very unfatty! I'm also not a fan of Greek yogurts because they are essentially yogurt minus whey and whey is important because bacteria, so... BACK TO THE POINT. Mountain High Original is the best because it's thick and creamy and fatty and good.

HUGE TUBS- Around here, yogurt goes in smoothies but it also goes in bowls with frozen berries tossed on top and it makes yogurt sauce for falafel and it makes tikka masala and it marinates chicken and so a bazillion of those quart sized tubs in my fridge is less than pref. But huge tubs? Huge tubs are the bomb. Plus, then your kids can use them to make creature habitats or to fill with rocks or crayons AKA free toy.

YOGHURT- I'm pretty sure this point has zero merit but if you spell yogurt like "yoghurt" you instantly seem 1000% more credible to me.

CUTE/WELL DESIGNED MARKETING- This company has managed to perfect that whole "Hi, we are awesome, buying our ~yoghurt~ is the right choice" thing. Seriously, go watch their product video! Like, right now or directly after you read this post. It will make you so happy. And if you are 38 weeks pregnant/have a heart it might even make you cry. (fyi, it did)

So, because I already had this product in my fridge in real life, here is what I selfishly made for my own self with my ~yoghurt~ Observe.

I started with this very nice, post-let your kids serve themselves oatmeal situation (the ice trays belong to me and my anemia fueled addiction)

Then, I got distracted by the warm outside and decided to eat my two trays of ice in the sunshine before I made my breakfast. And so I did.

Then, I found this cute baby eating a grapefruit in the sunshine and thought he was the epitome of summertime and so I took his photo. ~Heart eyes forever with this guy~

Then I got back on track but Hero walked in front of my camera... TRYING AGAIN

Ok, here. Next time you can just skip to this step. Using only my intuition and my tossing-things-in-a-blender skill set I put frozen berries, banana, Mountain High fatty, creamy, ad-campaign-that-makes-you-cry, original, plain but not in the preferred jumbo tub, ~yoghurt~, chiaalmond buttercoconut oil, and gelatin. (I always try to force gelatin on Kirby and his smoothies but he just says "mmm meat-bone smoothie... oh totally, i'll put it in... totally" but I'm prettttttty sure he never ever, ever does for some unknown reason.) (But seriously, this gelatin is so good for you GOOGLEIT and you can't taste it, so purchase it and put it in everything you can, ok?). Then -> blend. Make sure you get yoghurt glops on the outside of your blender for extra premium cleaning fun later on in the day/week.

Then try and hide in your room so no one steals it. -____- Good luck.

Thanks, Mountain High. I've always loved your ~yoghurt~ but now I extra love you because your marketing campaign is so sweet. Sorry if this blog post is a stain on your cuteness:/ Be sure to follow Mountain High on insta here


  1. Love that you are letting him drink right from the mason jar! I bet it turned out so good!

  2. Oh my goodness the product video! I am ready to go buy some.

  3. You know you're a good blogger when: you can write about *yoghurt* and actually make me want a non-yogurt lover to want to buy it!

    1. Haha!! I'm being sincere. Maybe you're ready for a conversion?;)

  4. You have a beautiful family! We loved trying Mountain High Yoghurt!

  5. This looks so yummy! I'm so curious about the gelatin now. And LOL to "yoghurt." ha:-)