Thursday, September 17, 2015

Boom chicka bow wow

I felt that title appropriate given the note we ended on last post. (smirky face)

I have a little story for you. Once upon a time there was a pregnant girl named myself, who would go to the grocery store at night to buy snacks that she could devour after her children had gone to bed. And these snacks were mostly always Twix or BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn. See even though she was eating crap she still was kinda a label/health snob (except for the Twix part) and she was impressed with BOOMCHICKAPOP bc they were non-GMO and they used real-life ingredients and they were audacious enough to mix flavors like Caramel and Cheddar and they had good branding, because she was superficial like that. And she loves this zany popcorn. She felt as if it were even good for her. In fact, she still does. Who knows if that's true. One time, on her very pregnant way to Las Vegas with her husband, she ate an entire bag of Caramel & Cheddar all by herself. She was not sorry.

And this is why I actually *love* sponsored posts. I'm sure they are you're favorite, too (WINKY WINK WINK). I love them because I've solemnly sworn to be honest with what I blog about. And I've turned down a good deal of stuff that would honestly just make ZERO sense for me to write about because I don't want this blog to be dumb. But if you wanna come at me with some bomb ass popcorn and give it to me for free and ask if I want to write about it you better know I will. Because maybe you don't even know about this bomb ass popcorn. And I want you to know, my friend. Someday you might be large and pregnant, scarfing down a whole bag of BOOMCHICKAPOP on the way to Vegas. And I'll want you to think of me in that moment. Promise me you will.

The nice thing about this post is it isn't just free shizzle for me and a lame post for you, it's free shizzle for BOTH of us! BOOMCHICKAPOP (IT'S ALWAYS CAPITALIZED THAT'S JUST HOW IT IS) is giving away a Halloween kit ("everything" you need for Halloween? Not sure if this counts for families with 67 thousand children but you can try!) free BOOMCHICKAPOP and a $50 Target gift card which you know you want and need. Don't front. All you've got to do is share the hashie #bringtheboom on your social media outlet of choice. #bringtheboom #bringtheboom #bringtheboom easy.

And now for photos of my kids devouring my blessed secret snacks bc photos of me eating popcorn would be weird AF. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*****into it*****


  1. Dude, have you tried their seasonal popcorn? My husband just surprised me with their candy corn popcorn and pumpkin holidrizzle.... Holy YUM. #treatyoself

  2. I LOVE this stuff. I eat a whole bag of the kettle corn even when I'm not pregnant ;)

  3. Blythe-Love your blog!! Thank you for keeping it real! Your conversion story is inspiring! I'm a cradle Catholic and have shared your story with many people-Catholics and not. I also love Graces's blog but can't find it anymore. Hope they are doing okay:). God Bless!!!!


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