Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I know, I know.

I'll give you the quick recap.

Last post ---> glued to Popeinmycountrytvland.com ---> weeping over Jenny's photo of Pope Francis kissing her baby ---> Big Sur ---> Big Sur laundry ---> colds.

And even right as of now I sit with an elderberry cough drop in my mouth (something like this), debating whether or not I blog, nap, finish laundry, clean one out of 5 messy rooms in this house, edit photos for The Haul sale tomorrow, or parent. Obv which one I picked.

One little funny thing happened the other day which I thought you might all enjoy, being that I harassed you all for fertility monitor wisdom. A few days ago I realized I was on day 17 of my "cycle" and I had thought about fertility/charting/paying any attention at all whatsoever exactly ZERO TIMES. I hurried real quick to look at used Clear Blue Monitors on Ebay and then I hurried even quicker to Amazon to buy a 50 pack of ovulation test strips. Anyway, that's all I got. I am going to try to take one everyday and if this isn't enough evidence that I will wind up pregnant sooner than later I don't know what is.

Another thing that's been on my mind is why is life so hard to catch up on when you've been away for a few days? I think maybe it's that at this stage in my life there is just enough work to fill up every day and if you get behind by a few, or accumulate a few days worth of extra laundry, then you come home and all you can do is work asmuchasever to maintain status quo while also cleaning and laundering from the trip and maybe if you squeeze in an extra hour of work you are effectively still 4 days-1 hour behind on everything. All I can think of is I need Marie Kondo I need Marie Kondo... will it save my life? Am I just blame shifting? How's all that for sunshine and rosies??                                  

Anyway, Big Sur was incredible, as always. I really wished I could be right back there in site 28 for at least 4 days after we got home. Have you all seen the video Jenna made last year? It's just the best. I can wait to see what she throws together for this trip. Jacqui suggested a how-to-camp post which I think is a great idea although I fear it may boil down to 1. have zero standards 2. eat instant food which may or may not impress you all...

May the Lord bless you and keep you! May he make your laundry to be caught up and your kids to be not fighting incessantly. May he let his light shine upon you and be gracious unto you via early bed times and a babysitter who wants to come watch all your children just because, for free. MWHAH.


  1. I forgot Joe went camping with us.

  2. Glad youre back!
    And that really made me want to go camping again

  3. A mother's prayer. From your fingers to God's ears.

  4. You really are just the best! Love your blog - and my goodness he is getting big! What a cutie!!

  5. So as long as we're sharing TMI, here's a post I wrote about how to use LH strips...


  6. I silently cheered out loud in my head that there was a Fike post! Thanks!

  7. Cheering in Chicago that there was a post! Can't wait to see the camping video! Looks like such a great time together!

  8. LOL ME FROM MY DADS COMPUTER. Better log on out...

  9. Ha, you are in my head! I've been obsessed with Marie Kondo for months, and while I haven't managed to get my discarding done nearly as fast as she suggests, it is slowly, actually HELPING my little chaos situation. And I do feel better in my space having sent off the items that for whatever reason don't light my fire. Salt shakers that match my wedding china yet go unused because the holes are too small for coarse sea salt? Thank you and goodbye. Shirt that should be my style but just isn't? See ya. I'm enough of a slob that I think the only way for me to have the tidy house I crave is to just drastically pare down, slowly but surely. Go and do it! And thanks for the opportunity for a little #Konmari geekout. ;)
    Also, yay cheapo ovulation tests! They are my favorite lazy girl NFP. Though I am also really bad about taking them consistently. Usually I start feeling my temperature rise and some light cramping (signs of both pregnancy and ovulation for me) then test both LH and HGC in a slight panic, then I religiously test through the week-ish where I get ovulation results, then get my period and forget about it for a couple weeks. Haha.

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