Friday, June 3, 2016


I think I'm having an out of body experience.




You guys are partyin', right? Crickets? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, it seems I get the massive blog itch right when something massive is happening in my life. Clearly I have the totally charming need to barf all my personal information onto the entirity of blogdom but I think I'm ok with that. And I think I'm kinda just ready to be back, maybe? No promises...

So, would you like a briefish life recap? Ok, sure.

Fact 1. Still pregnant, v v pregnant. Almost 33 weeks to be exact. I think I've gone to the OB a whole 5 times and I'm perfectly fine with that. This baby BOY is kicking and rolling around and I'm getting fatter and larger by the day so I'm feeling like everything is a-ok.

Fact 2. BOY! It's another boy. At first I was bummed because "expectations" is my middle name these days. But then a dear friend told me to snap out of it, that my boys were not just babies and ugly boy onesies, that they were going to a live whole life, together. And one day I'll be sitting on the sand at the beach seeing them surfing together or whatever and what I will see is my little wolf pack of dudes, all just a little over a year apart, and I will be so grateful for them all. And you know what? She is right. I am so excited to meet this little one.

The other day Kirby suggested "Horace" as a name if that gives you an inclination as to how we are proceeding on that front. -__-

Fact 3. We bought a house.

What? Why would you go and do that? You are 30somethingish weeks pregnant with your seventh baby and all. What's wrong with you? But guys, the thing is... we bought THE house. Like, the best house ever. It even has a dreamy, romantic story attached that I'll save for another time but it's like the COOLEST BEST OUT OF MY LEAGUE house that could ever possibly be (financially) remotely *in* my league. And by the magic of the heavens, we made an offer on it and they said yes.

By even more magic of the heavens we were not forced to make our offer contingent on the sale of our current house, but the owners of the new house wanted a 60 day escrow anyway so we thought- sweet- we can TOTALLY handle this! We put our house on the market and within the first week had 3 offers above asking price. MAGIC OF THE HEAVENS!!!!

Guys, isn't life perfect?? SO PERFECT!!

Well, then... over a month into escrow and on the day we had scheduled to close on the new house............ wait for it.....

We fell out of escrow.
On our current house.
So now we own two houses.
***not in the plans***

We don't have to pay our new escrow until July but, homies, we are on the clock. I sufficiently freaked out for a solid three days this week but now I am in a p chill WHATEVER, JESUS, OKKKKK zone which is... better than anxiety zone.

But will you guys say a little prayer for us? We need to sell this little puppy rill quick. Thx.

Fact 4. I can't allow my stress-moping to detract from how absolutely wonderful it is that we bought this house. Both K and I feel like we stumbled upon a little slice of heaven. It's just beautiful. And super impractical (2 bedrooms lolololllll). But that should just communicate to you the extent in which we love this house. I would force my kids to sleep on the porch in order to raise our family in this house. JKJKKK! Don't freak out on me. We can work out another bedroom sitch cause the house is big enough for that so it's juuuuust fine. I specialize in finagling impractical situations in order for them to work in my favor so, worry not. Mostly, it's just pure beauty to us. Inspiring, rejuvenating, happy, quiet, forever kind of house that we truly were not expecting... all those words, etc.

So, that's where we are. New house, old house, moving, selling, stressing, etc.
Where are YOU?

Here, I hope. Missed this barf-space.


  1. I could totally have a beer while looking at that view! Congrats! Congrats on everything.

  2. I could totally have a beer while looking at that view! Congrats! Congrats on everything.

  3. Glad youre (maybe) back, can't wait to see the perfect house tour!

  4. Glad youre (maybe) back, can't wait to see the perfect house tour!

  5. I saw your picture the other day and thought OMGWOW I would totally move while very pregnant for that view.

  6. You need to do a house tour ! You can't leave us hanging after telling us how amazing the house is. I'd be interested in hearing how you work out sleeping arrangements too because that is an ongoing issue in our house and I'm always open to new ideas.

  7. Yay!! Congrats!!! Awesome awesome view!!!

  8. So much excitement for you and your life! I'll say a prayer that the whole house things sorts out smoothly (and speedily). Congrats on the boy! It seems like there are lots of women pregnant with boys right now. I know there are some little girls gestating in the world, but honestly-I'm pregnant with a boy, you're pregnant with a boy, most of the pregnant women I know have boys in their's interesting! And really exciting-we get to raise a stellar generation of little men :) And holy smokin' incense, thanks for driving us all crazy by talking about the perfect house and not giving us a slew of pictures to drool over haha. I'm excited for y'all, and stoked to hear more about this awesome sauce place!

  9. I'll be sending "sell your current house" vibes through the internet ;)

  10. Oh no !! That was/is a huge fear for me right now, I will definitely be praying you, Blythe!

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  12. It was like Christmas morning when I saw that you blogged!

    I've never commented before but maybe, maybe you might be interested in something I felt moved to share. I'll try to be brief...

    We are/were in a very, very similar house situation as you. I'm pregnant, we need to move, we go into contract on home without selling ours first...anxiety ensues. Anyway, the people we are buying from apparently are hardcore Catholics (not why we bought their house but pretty cool seeing their Catholic art around the home). While we were having our home inspection done there and I was walking around the house examining everything and wrecked with anxiety that we were maybe making a bad move, I see they have a little alter to Mary in the corner of the master bedroom. I move closer to see a paper on the floor next to it. I pick it up to put it back and see printed on it something called "Novena of Surrender to the Will of God." I made a mental note of it (because it sounded like what I needed), went home and looked it up and I've been praying it daily. Life changer. I've never had such peace that "Jesus will take care of it"...

    That's the link if you would like to pray it. It's been very powerful in my life. For buying/selling a home while growing a baby it's just what I needed...

    Always a happy day to read your mind!
    Congrats on all the exciting stuff!

  13. Loved your barfing. Thank you so much for speaking the truth on more boyz. Need to hear it. Also that pic is brilliant. And the model in the middle is channeling a kind of joy I can only hope to encounter after 10+ hours of sleep and an espresso. Thanks for your honesty and sharing!

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  15. So glad you posted! That view looks so awesome, seriously. And that large, open living area will be awesome for all the kids to spread out. Did you have to move to a new town? Keep blogin!

  16. Wow! Congratulations to you and that amazing house. That view! That yard! Yay! Glad you are back (for now!).....:)

  17. Brothers are the best! My son was so sad when he learned he was getting a brother instead of a sister, but now that they are buddies he wants ALL the babies to be boys. Congrats!

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