Wednesday, October 19, 2016

That one day one the porch

So back to when we saw my brother play at the Greek. Remember the part about staying up almost all night? Ok, yes, perfect. That's essentially what this whole post is about. Not the staying up all night part but the aftermath of staying up all night which was p much just as fun as the night itself. We had a collective 11 children in our home overnight with our 7 and some of our dearest, life long friend's 4. We had made a plan to leave all the kids with a sitter while we went to the show and then spend all day Saturday hanging and catching up. We don't get to catalog good hang time often so this was a little treasure for us both- to have the day free to do nothing while our kids spent time together. And our kids know how to spend time together. A mere 4 hours after we went to bed, I woke to thumping atop the roof and it took my groggy brain a good handful of minutes to realize it was children thumping atop the roof. Specifically my Johnny and Lindy's Titus who are (in their own words) bobblegangers.

Lindy and I can't get enough of how similar these two are. Mostly because she is my oldest friend and the only one I really grew up alongside. To see our kids so naturally be besties is the sweetest gift. The are poster children for hereditary friendships. These kids just go together, the same way the two of us did. And so we've come to accept that, naturally, Johnny and Titus equals a fair amount of nudity and mud and climbing roofs.

Anyway, it was one way to wake up (eyes rollin).

The funny and awesome thing about the day is that we were all sooo exhausted that we were completely unmotivated to do a damn thing. Which ended up leading to the best, strangest, funnest day we have ever clocked as a group because all we did was sit ALL DAY LONG. We honestly clocked 12 hours on our front porch and that is not an exaggeration. From about 8-8 we sat there, drinking coffee at first, then beer- listening to music, talking, laughing. It was incredible! Apart from hopping up to make food or change a diaper or put someone down for a nap we just sat in the same spot all day, until the sun went down. And meanwhile our kids just ran around doing whatever. I feel like things are often pretty Lord of the Flies-y around here but this day was off the charts. We would watch them roll past covered in mud and dragging lumber, then a hose would turn on somewhere in the distance, then they would be naked, then a little one would curl up in one of our laps for a bit, then they would send some representative to ask for popsicles, then a movie, and we just let them do it, over and over all day long until the sun went down. It was amazing.

Anyway, Lindy snapped a few shots of the kids in action and I thought you'd love them as much as we did. True kid tribe life (plus a few shots of the house/yard which might suffice for the house tour I keep promising and never delivering).

I realize that I might never feel the freedom (/be so tired that I just don't care) to have a day like this, locked in one location with friends while our children run wild from dawn till dusk, but I hope I do because the experience was golden. Try it.


  1. The best kind of days. So happy you got this day together!

  2. "send some representative to ask for popsicles"- haha, exactly what kids do when there's a group of adults congregating together!

  3. Ok - explain to this midwestern girl what is up with your yard. Does it just like end in a cliff?!? I see your beautiful pictures and I just can't figure it out!

    1. Haha we are up on a hill! So from the street you see just a small hillside and then it flattens out to our yard. Does that make sense? The street is just down below that "cliff"