Tuesday, March 21, 2017



-Trying not to neglect my entire life reading through Lilac Girls. I just finished today and it was great. I think I can use a little break from all things concentration camp, but I've learned a lot and the realities of women in the war are sobering. I highly recommend the trifecta All the Light We Cannot See > The Nightingale > Lilac Girls. All different perspectives from different wartime experiences, all really wonderful reads.

-Working on refining my daily schedule with game-changer advice from a friend. Advice as follows: don't schedule according to time, order according to task. For example, instead of trying to sit down to do some reading everyday at 10, plan on doing it after the baby goes down for a nap (knowing that time with likely vary a bit every day), or plan on folding the laundry after lunch, instead of whenever the timer dings or at 11:05, etc etc infinity. I don't know about you but this is so genius to me. I am not naturally a scheduler but I thrive on plans. But, life, plans, LOL. I think that just giving myself a game plan of tasks I want to accomplish in succession vs time will be really, really helpful.

-Speaking of tasks, Jenna pointed out my v v specific list on my laundry room chalkboard. You're welcome for allowing you into my refined world of utter perfection. I've been working towards assigning myself a special job of the day in the hope that as the weeks cycle through, I can at least give a little time to a lot of things. So... along with my laundry of the day, I mapped out a *thing* of the day. Here is a lil' reminder in case you forgot to get this tattooed on the back of your hands:

Allow me to translate. Monday's are for catching up on whatever, as we all know (why do I feel so much better just to write this down??) It's always dependent on whatever the weekend brings but if I know my goal is just to catch up in any way that's needed, I can saddle up with a bit more direction than I would if I don't plan for it. And by plan I just mean write it on my chalkboard. Hay!

Tuesday: Spend some time at the desk, pay bills, sort through mail, file something etc.
Wednesday: Organize something. Anything. A drawer, a cabinet, the unmatched sock pile, whatever.
Thursday: Garden in any way, shape, or form. Pull three weeds or uproot a tree, depending on my time and ambition.
Friday: Another something. This means just taking care of whatever random task I've been avoiding. Mailing a package, calling to make a doctors appt., responding to an email, cutting Pete's fingernails, buying dishwasher tabs... you know, all the super hard stuff.

Anyway, that's my list. Having parameters but lots of freedom helps me not pull the old "I don't have time I can't do annnnything (paralyzed, frozen, etc). Because I can always do a little bit, and even sometimes a lot.

-Being conscious of bringing outside beauty in. Mostly with big clusters of this earthy wild sage that grows on our hillside. I love it on our kitchen table. It makes the room smell like springtime and herbal tea. And cute, because Target vase. Speaking of Target, why is Target always killing it?

-Wanting to thrift some cute chairs for ^^^ table. We currently have an old rolling desk chair at it I can't handle the fug. Thinking something mismatch-y and cute like would be attainable for not too much $$

- Feeling defensive and kinda like a whiner. Last week a photo I posted on IG was deleted for, I assume, **inappropriate content**. After I ranted about it I felt a little silly, like I probably should have just let it go, but I also feel like HEY! Leave me alone.

Have you ever had a post deleted? It is creepy! Creepier than my kids bums, for sure.

- Wanting to kick Francis out of our room. He has started to be up so, so much and I think it's mostly because I am right there. My only hesitation is that I'm not ready to move Joe into the boy's room because he is such a good sleeper- still clocking 13 hour nights and 3 hour naps some days. I'm building my arsenal (sound machine + tequila) and searching for a random closet I can stick Francis in for now (just kidding! relax! not really).

- Kirby and I went to a local brewery on Saturday and started jonesing for summer traditions. Remembering that there is nothing better in the summertime than beers and taco trucks near the beach. Can't wait!!

See you soon xxoo


  1. I love your daily method. Let me tell you, your laundry schedule pretty much changed my life. I now only do the wash on M/W/F and then on T/Th I can just ignore it! I don't know why this is so freeing. Ha! With our brood soon to be clocking in at 5 (5 and under!) I'll take all the big family organized chaos tips you've got. Also, nothing wrong with a baby in a closet. ;)

  2. I am going to have to pick up Lilac Girls! That is a smart way to approach tasks. I seem to fall on my face when I schedule 10-11 paper work or whatever because with kids things are never that predictable.. this idea allows for a 15 minute meltdown from the toddler! Great advice! Sounds like you've got your groove!

  3. LOVE your daily, completely attainable goals. And that wild sage is gorgeous. :)

  4. "There's too much, I can't do anything!" Paralyzation rules my life. Last week I caught myself in thought saying "I CAN'T! I JUST CAN'T!" And it's like you said, I actually DO but it's not structured by the hour and more by the moment. I'm a little relieved to read this is okay.
    Also: tossing the baby to sleep in closet. Not out of my scope of ideas 😄

    1. lololll Yes! I need order that's also actually possible for my life. Which seems out of reach sometimes but really isn't if I break it down this way!

  5. Also- I've never had a photo reported like that, which would make me feel awful-- so I'm sorry that happened to you. When Jude was like 6-7 months, someone yanked a photo of him I posted on IG and spooked me the heck out by using it as his/her profile pic. I was literally sick to my stomach and wanted to shut down all of everything- blog, IG, FB even. Blah. People are cRaZy.

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  7. My second kid slept in the closet and if there was more room in our current bedroom closet, I'd put our current baby in there... :)

  8. I needed to read this! I used to make myself do one thing/day that fell under the category "Unlikely to Get Messed Up in 5 Minutes." It helped my state of mind so much. Today I paid the big kids to take care of the littles for an hour(and I mean REALLY take care of them and not interrupt me) so I could work on my random furniture rehab project. Felt so great to accomplish even an hour of that.

    1. That is so smart. I always forget about these kids for hire...

  9. LOVED the book trifecta. Think i went through Lilac Girls in 3 days. So good. Keep coming with any and all photos of your gorgeous blooms/yard! It's getting me through a chicago winter!

  10. Ummm my baby totally sleeps in my closet. (It's a walk in, at least?) so reading these comments made me feel better. And that sage is 10-10-10.

  11. If you're going to closet sleep, just check for air flow!

    (We totally do at both grandparents house, but at one we have to keep the door open because there's no vent. Boo. Almost defeats the purpose of the closet! Especially when you get overheated and worried about the baby and expand the door opening and wake her up at 4 a.m.)

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  16. My baby sleeps in the store room/office on a separate floor from the rest of us for the exact reason you described. The first night he was in there, he slept through the night and has almost ever since. I might feel sorry for him, except I don't. Anyway...no closet nursery judgment from me!

    You should check out those tips for finding a spell caster ^^^ sounds rly helpful.