Friday, March 17, 2017

Quickie laundry room make-over


It is what it is, folks.

A few weeks ago I was hemming and hawing over our laundry room space and how to make it more functional. Remember? One day I even took an entire door off all by myself only to find out that you can't just flip doors around to swing the opposite direction. Who even knew??

Anyway, after one morning of spending hours researching shelving systems to fit our tiny space I realized we had an old IKEA shelving thingie we had used at the old house just sitting in our garage... and in an inspired 10 minutes or so, I got me a pretty functional laundry room sitch for free. I rifled through some old bins and baskets and badda bbbbbing. About $30 of IKEA later (two shelves for above the washer, a simple rug, and a few more baskets), I've got me the space of my v basic dreams. It's bright and airy and there is a place to put everything. Plus, cheap. Instead of laundry bins for each kid I keep two rotating baskets for whosever laundry day it is. That load gets folded and put in the basket > kids empty basket and replace > no laundry hanging out all over my house or the laundry room in weird piles. I also have a bin for outgrown clothes in need of storage or Goodwilling, a basket for dry clean stuff, and things that need to be stain treated/are too gross to put back in our drawers but I can't bring myself to toss them.

For the first time since we've lived here things are all tidy up in the laundry room. (Don't you love when things just come together??)

Taste *n see.

(no laundry room is complete without a salvaged bucket with the kid warning on it)

Since IKEA doesn't sell much online, I collected some links for your laundry room e-organization which you've all not asked me for. But, HEY, maybe a little sprucing up for springtime is in order (it feels good, ya'll). Some similar goods and must haves + things I would like...

Laundry soap / Similar runner / Smaller rug here

Cool shelves here... and here... and I kinda love you shelf here / Brackets tho (with these so prettay)

Storage (gah loving these!!) and here

Hamper / Cutie binsbasketscontainers, crates y mas

Dryer balls / Linen Spray / Clothespins / Chalkboard

And a gorgie little vase, for happiness.

Happy weekend, my beebs!


  1. Looks good to me!
    does everyone have a hamper in their room that they empty into your two main baskets?
    I'm always looking for the ideal laundry situation.

    1. Yeah! And on thier laundry day they just carry the hamper to the laundry room and start thier wash.

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  3. Sorry I audio text and that comment made no sense. Just wanted to say this was very inspiring because my current laundry looks like hell. ( like if I don't make it to heaven I will spend eternity in a place that looks like my current laundry room!). Yours looks great!

  4. Our washer/ dryer is located in our basement of awfulness, so these pictures- sooo incredibly dreamy. I'm esp. loving those wall-mounted shelves!

    1. Our laundry is also in the basement of awfulness. Love your light-filled space and love seeing real rooms on the internet--thank you for sharing!

  5. Who do I petition to get an IKEA closer to us? 3 hours away in KC is our nearest one and I'm seriously going to start a letter-writing campaign. Your laundry room is inspiring me to do laundry even, I need to do that to my own! haha :)

    1. haha! I think that's totally the key to my laundry being done lately. I just want to keep the room pretty. LOL.