Tuesday, April 11, 2017

When you aren't ready yet // Easter version

This post is not to much for you as it is for me bc here we are, the Tuesday before Easter, and I have zero things for my children's baskets. Rolling my dice on Amazon prime to hook a sister up. Here is what is in my cart right now click click!

To sprinkle through the littles' baskets: Chalk Easter eggs

A few sweet/cheap books:
MarshmallowThe Golden Egg Book + Our Friends the SaintsOur Blessed Mother

For the older girls:
Beeswax crayonsSpring Garden: Colouring Bookgel pens (these are on super sale!)

For Clemmy + John: new water bottles

For the little boys to share: Green Toys watering can

For bb: these Gnome dolls are suppper cute and so are these cutie wooden baby spoons (not sure how generous I am feeling yet, tbh)

For everyone: healthy-ish lollipops that I could use anyway for bribes and such.

K??? Is that good? I like to plan n' prep if you didn't realize. I usually break open any packages of whatever (pen, crayons, chalk) and give everyone a few of each so a couple items spread far and no one is screaming about what's minnnnneee!!! Not interested in creating candy-frothing Easter monsters, thx.

Need supplies?? Me too.

I like these products A LOT - eco eggs and eco grass (bc I try to be nice to the planet as much as possible) and I like, nay love, Robin Eggs because what else are you gonna put in those plastic eggs?

Another sweet touch I like to add is a prayer card or two in each basket from our local parish bookstore. And dat...

is dat.

Off to purchase I go! Bye!

**unrelated but cutie/let's hope I can get their looks together by Sunday**


  1. This year I'm using easter as an excuse to stock their essentials. Jordan has no socks; Wes has no undies; will needs a puddle jumper or life jacket or whatevs bc what is "water safe"? Easter bunny got their back. Maybe he'll generously bestow some mints and gum but the Cadbury eggs are for mama.

  2. Amazon might just be the ticket...

    Most years I've gotten myself a large, lovely basket and dumped all the candy and swag into it plus a bottle of something nice for the gentleman of the house and then I -selfish I- keep the basket, because it's some fantastic $40 rattan or wire woven something something that I would otherwise never buy and then I have a fancy basket. Aren't I the worst?

  3. I'm not even ready yet. Love your suggestions! Where did you buy your littlest (in pics) cute outfit!!!? Snazzy!
    (Mom of soon to be 5 sons)