Sunday, June 4, 2017

7 QT Busy life/busy wife edition

Guys, I can't catch a breather! Except for when I'm totally relaxing in either Las Vegas or on retreat. BUT IN TERMS OF REGULAR LIFE. Phew.

Here are my school is almost done, we are all haulin' ass quick takes, two days late.

1. Vegassss was so fun. We panicked our first morning there and booked a third night. Best choice eva. We logged many poolside hours, after having found the quietest chillest pool at the Venetian; and spent quality time with some of our best friends. My perfect Vegas day consisted of an 8ish rise time, immediately rolling out of bed and into a swimming suit, grabbing coffee, finding the best lounge chairs by the pool and enjoying a quiet hour or two before people start pouring in (morning poolside with coffee is my FAVE). Around 1 or 2 (read: noon), cocktails (pool area cocktail servers = queens), more pool, more cocktails, reading, reading, reading, 5 o'clock mass, cocktails, dinner repeat repeat repeat. We really perfected this system by day 3 which was sad because... then you leave. But I really feel like I've got our strategy locked. Lay by the pool reading alllll day > get ready and advance to nighttime fun. It's the ultimate.

2. As are retreats! I try and go on this specific retreat every year (just so happened to line up back to back with our trip but you don't see me complaining about it). Three days alone to pray and think through your life is pretty incredible. This retreat in particular is silent (or rather, silence is encouraged) so I found myself with ample time to wander alone thinking hard about my life and the life of our family, what changes I want to make and the areas I hope to grow in, alone and together. Coming home felt super refreshing and I'm excited to start the summer with some new habits in place.

3. Speaking of summer AND habits, gracious do we need some new habits. Last week I was starting to lose my freaking mind with my children and their inability to do.... everything. Where are my shoes? Where is my homework? Where are my clothes? On and on and on and on. I really want this summer to be dedicated kinda in part to fun and largely in part to figuring our shit out before we start another school year. I plan to devote some serious time to room organization and XL family survival strategies. Maybe I'll finally buy a few of these books I'm always talking about getting...

Any ideas for me? How do you prep for school year organization? Tell me the secrets.

4. While the Wilber's are living it up in Paris and London, Erica brought the kids over to play for the morning a few days ago.

When I asked Prim where her mommy was she said "She's on her field trip."

Too true, baby.

But have you been following the trip via IG? How many of you have booked flights to Paris bc of it? Be honest.

5. I've been setting small goals of things to tackle around the house as summer approaches. When we moved, we had so much new storage space that I quickly unpacked most boxes in not the most calculated, organized manner. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out time to start organizing when I realized hellllo high school girls!! One of our local sitter extraordinaires loves to organize so I've lined her up to come for a few days next week to get my act together. GUYS, WHY DON'T WE ASK HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TO HELP US WITH MORE THINGS? We r dumb, that's why. She even made a Pinterest board for me... I mean...

6. Got new chairs!! Remember me complaining about not having chairs that matched at our kitchen table or were even dining chairs at all (step-stool... swiveling office chair, etc). I found a local Craigslist vintage knock-off warehouse sale nearby and holla! They were suuuuper cheap. Cheap and cute and a table that looks like it belongs to an adult. Checking all my boxes.

7. Joe. Joe is the cute, cutest lately. He will be 2 next week and I'm feeling so excited to celebrate him. We moved the day before his first birthday last year, and I know it doesn't matter and he didn't care, but he spent his first birthday crawling around in the dust of our new house. The two things he loves the most are playing air-guitar and Mickey mouse (bub-house). Thinking of maybe getting him this hoodie  because (((how cute))).

Happy weekending!!

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  1. I have never wanted to go to Vegas until I saw your IG stories/this post. Now that's all I want to do...and all I have left is to convince the husband... haha