Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Head to toe

I gotta be quick today because I made the v v wise and genius decision today to go to Magic Mountain in 100 degree heat with kid that turned up sick and not enough food/water/positivity and we will probably be recovering for at least 6 movies.

I've got a few where is that from questions as of late so I'm just gonna give you the quick rundown of what's working for me this summer (if in fact it may work for U 2). Everything below I am wearing obnoxiously often which equals I love it.

I love these sunglasses (on sale, too!)

Thanks to all those Instagram ads I jumped on the Glossier train and I am INTO boy brow and the stretch concealer. Two thumbs up! Has anyone tried cloud paint? That's next on my list...

I just got this linen boyfriend shirt in white and I loooove it. It perfectly flouncy and crisp and lightweight. ok emoji ok emoji ok emoji cool sunglass guy emoji.

My fave accessory that I'm surely over-wearing but I don't care. (I have it in silver)

I went for these wide-leg crop jeans because I was feeling brave and I LOVE them (I love a lot of things, did you realize?) Especially with the linen boyfriend button down hellooooo

And these sandals. Errday.

Bye (lololollllcry)


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing.
    I bought that shirt in the spring, post baby #4. I did not love it on me, so back it went. I bet you rock it though! Now if only glossier would ship to Canada I couod check it out.

  2. ok that pic of Johnny.. recovering for 6 movies! haha, so good. Great links! Ill go be looking like you now...