Monday, June 12, 2017

And now we are two

In many ways, the past two years have felt like a blur. Back to back pregnancies fuzzed my vision and made the details hazy in a lot of ways. But in other ways, I look at my two little babies with an affection that feels clarified. I didn't think I was all the way ready, yet here you are, and it's so damn good. My little blue eyes.

Today the first of the them is 2. He is a total joy and I feel like the luckiest to have him in our world.

Now that we have bigger kids, most of our activities are oriented to them. The little kids just kinda go with it. When Hero was two, I would have never put her through a big kid movie, or a game, or whatever; and I would have felt a little sorry for any little kid that lived in a big kid world. But that world's not ours anymore. Last night, Joe whined to cuddle as we watched Rookie of the Year as a family. He paid attention and made goofy commentary and I totally adored that he was the kid having to sit through a weird 90's live action baseball movie. I feels right that he is our little sidekick. Sitting on the sidelines in the dirt as the kids play tag, jumping onto Peter's back when he's crouched too low, following someone around somewhere, all the time. I realize now what a sweet life it must be to be the little guy in an alive, opinionated, happy crew. Adoring, all the time. Swallowed up in action, all the time. What a fun, fun life. He is our best little guy.

Happy day, my baby.

More Joe fest with the birth story in all it's parts and here.


  1. I was so in need of this post!! I was just dwelling a little in sadness for my littles (we have 7 children, the oldest 12). I thinking how they rarely get to watch little kids movies and are always dragged to something. But there is such wisdom in what you wrote, thank you for encouraging me!

    1. That makes so so glad! I think your littles are really so lucky:)