Saturday, June 10, 2017

School's out

For summa. How does one summer? Give me your ideas.

Kirby wins for the cutest tradition starting ever. After school he took the kids out for ice cream, then set up a campout in the yard. He also played capture the flag, cops and robbers, made a scavenger hunt for the little guys that led to hot wheels he bought them, flicked glow stick juice all over the trees to create a fairy land for them, all while making me and everyone else look like the totally subpar parents we actually are. I'm hoping that my generosity when it comes to little kids sneaking into my bed somehow pays off. (all of it on Instastories, btw)

Anyway, I'm joking bc he is really the best and the kids had so much fun. I did wake up at like 9 am to make them all apple pancake and I'm sure they'll NEVER FORGET IT.

And Hero got on honor roll. Go, girl.

And I'm now officially the mother of a soon to be kindergartener, second, third, and fifth grader. How?

The other day I asked Clem what I would do without her home with me next year and without skipping a beat she replied, "You'll have Pete." Breaking my heart, Clemmy!

I looked over the Kinder standards and Clem has flying colors in anything social or motor skillish but whether or not she can identify a single letter or number, I know not. My summer goals, if you were wondering.

As for the bigs kids, I'm giving everyone a week to do nothing and then we hit the summer schedule hard. I mentioned things feeling a little no one does the things I need them to do over here, so summer is going to be prime time habit building season. I mostly want to get the kids to tackle their individual laundry days and get good at making beds and keeping their space clean and not leaving their shoes out to be eaten by racoons. And also read and write a bit everyday. SO THERE, KIDS.

For now, we chill and I plot.

How do you guys do summer? As usual, I need you all to tell me wassup.

Also, look at how sad Joe's birthday present ended up being. I was a click away from this cutie sweatshirt but I didn't get it. And now I regret it. Good thing you're only two, Joe. You won't get sympathy presents much longer, bb.

(Legit and beloved gift, courtesy of his godmother)


  1. I am actually borrowing an idea I read from you and assigning a laundry day to each child so they can learn to do this the right way. I am also requiring 30 min of reading ( more is welcome) of a good book. I am pregnant all summer so we will have at least an hour of quiet every afternoon. And we are planning on exploring ice cream shops around our area. (All my idea!)

    1. Ok-- tell me which ice cream places are the best when you're done!!! Also-- tips for getting recalcitrant 4 YOs to have quiet time every day?! Lucy tries to make my life miserable when I lay down on the couch while the littles sleep! :/

  2. Well, since you asked:
    I wrote this last week.