Friday, September 22, 2017

Artifact Uprising & the story of him

At the risk of sounding totally snarky, I will be the first to admit that the idea of "baby book" 10 years into being a mother would have had me rolling eyes. It's probably equal parts the amount of kids I have and how naturally inefficient I am at keeping records of anything. The best I've got is a few accordion files and rubbermaid bins stuffed with cute drawings I want to save. It's not saying much...

But another thing is that back when I was in a baby book making mood (10 years ago -_-), baby books were so damn ugly and complicated. There is no other way around it. It feels super weird and cliche to already be able to say "back when I was a first time mom blah blah blah" but it's true!! Hero's baby book is like pink gingham with buttons sewn to the cover. Ew.

It's not often I am converted back to a more time consuming way of doing anything but here I am, making a baby book!! Artifact Uprising has actually managed to make SUCH good memory book for baby that not only have I made one for Francis who was never ever going to have a baby book (FTR) but now I am going back in time to make one for all my other neglected children. True conversion.

This is what I really love most about these books- first off, the quality is exceptional (obviously). Not only are the pages lovely and the cover so beautiful you will never let your children touch them but the AU baby book comes with a really pretty ball point pen, double sided stickies for adhering your photos, and a credit for a set of free Artifact Uprising prints, which are really nice prints. Opening the box felt like a freaking spa day for photo albums! Everything is pretty and it's all right there AND they treat you right. So good. Plus, the color choices are soooo pretty.

I also love the structure of the book. Some of the prompts were hard for me (IE "you surprised us when..." ???? I have no idea how to answer that) but the 3.25" square photos fit super perfectly right over any prompts I didn't want to/know how to answer. Hack dat! Each section is divided by month and I suppppper loved the simplicity of that. There is really only space for 4-5 photos each month which makes it super doable for the average mom who doesn't have a billion solo photos of their ahem-cough 7th baby. I didn't feel intimated at all about picking a few photos for each month which is KEY for a lady such as myself. Plus, the book is straight up finished at 12 months. You feel like you actually accomplished so much without having to hunt for a lock of hair or something insane.

Another XL bonus is that all the pages are held in with a binder-style spine so you can just TAKE out anything that doesn't apply (I didn't even need to though, which is pretty major... I just like knowing the option is there.) Plus with the super easy AU app and ordering interface, it took me like 15 min to sort through pics on my phone, make an album for the Frankie-boy, and get my prints ordered.

Believer, ya'll! Welcome to MODERNISM (you already do all this I'm sure).


Watching this video on The Story of You to get inspired/cry if you are anywhere near ovulation or pregnancy.

Scoping Artifact Uprising for a book or prints or everything.

Using this coupon code for 10% off your order TheStoryofYou10 (which really counts when a baby book is pricey).

Are you gonna get one? Do you have one?? Which color? Inquiring minds n stuff.


  1. I'm so glad I procrastinated because I literally have had this in my cart for a week.

  2. Question! Do you think this book would work for adoption?

  3. Wow.. Those are beautiful.. so many times those books feel kind of cheesy... we have baby #5 coming in soon , but I was just thinking what a great baby shower gift!

  4. Yes! I never made one with my first, because like you, the whole scrapbooking with bright colors/ribbons/confetti and the whole shabang isn't quite my thing. I've been eyeing these AU baby books for some time and plan on getting them for my two boys. I love the simplicity, and plan to work on them with all my downtime with a toddler and a newborn (I'm giving myself a 10-15 year window to finish). I've also been eyeing the wedding album through AU because it is beautiful and the disorganized procrastinator in me says it's about time. Thanks for posting this!