Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mom drugs

As promised, I wanted to give you the rundown of my survival methods during this hellish first trimester, because this time around I actually had survival methods other than Netflix, my bed, and feeble pleas to the heavens (take me, take me now, etc).

I SHOULD have mentioned all of this way back when I was a mere half-life so that all my suffering sisters could have benefited as well but I was so unable to accomplish anything so... I didn't. I'm so sorry if you could have used this stuff but missed out, for those of you that can benefit NOW, or later, or ever, read on.

Sometimes a little teensy IG comment can really turn things around. When I first posted about my pregnancy, a friend mentioned wanting to try a brand called Pink Stork than runs a supplement line for pregnancy and morning sickness. I clicked right over to the website, read a few testimonials, and ordered the morning sickness bundle straight up immediately. (Specifically the premiere bundle)

Let me paint the picture for you, pre-Pink Stork. I would wake up > roll over > take a Zofran > every four hours take a Zofran > fall asleep > repeat. The FIRST DAY on Pink Stork (no joke) without even realizing it, I didn't take a Zofran until 3:30 pm. The following day I didn't take one until 5 pm, and then I never took another Zofran again. I wanted to shout Pink Stork from the rooftops but I was still incapable of most things outside of the basics and so I didn't do that but, BUT it took a massive edge off and I swear made life more bearable and more survivable almost instantaneously. I was super faithful with the supplements but only used the tea and the mist as needed, fyi (both included in the bundle I bought). There is another, smaller bundle that I'm sure would help, too, but it did feel comforting to know it was all there if I needed it. So worth a try!

(Nothing like digging deep in the camera roll to find depressing first tri portraiture ala Mary) AKA HERE LIES THE OLD ME (not dead)

**Also not dead**

The other thing was/is/ever shall be is a whole foods supplement drink called Zeal and I will be damned if I didn't stop and LOL at that right here and now because MLM. I give the majorist of props to people that can successfully market MLM products but I... just... can't. Call it my pride, call it whatever! Of course until I started using it and it actually worked and then I was just like slap me in the face I actually will have more where that came from! Plus, it's hard to deny that certain companies are legit and successful. Hello, Beauty Counter? Hello, Young Living?? Hello, Rodan + Fields!! Hello, I, too, buy this stuff! Anyway, it's super revamped my life. Does anyone else drink it?? I know there are a million of these out there that people love and I have no knowledge of any of them but this is the bomb (says with full authority). I feel like my daily bump (bad drug reference, I realize) gave/gives me the energy, clarity, and, oddly, patience to manage the day waaaayyy more smoothly. It's not something I am promoting just for first trimester but more so for life/mom life/etc (although it did save my life in the first tri). My spiritual director drinks it to manage his chronic knee pain, others use it for help with stress and anxiety, or blood pressure, or milk supply, etc... kind a weird cure all for some. Anyway, it has seriously become my d.o.c., MLM repulsion be damned! I'm not going to hawk it too much here but if you want more information/feel like you are in need of something like this in your life- feel free to email me ( I shall do my very best to respond to you like a normal, attentive human being.

And there you have it! At the end of the day, pregnancy is survival (can I get an amen?). Even though I lived a lot of life in my bed there is something about finding something that made me feel even a little more normal that restored my hope in all things. If you're there and you're suffering right now, I am so sorry. I'm not going to tell you it will get better because you already know that and it never helps to hear it anyway.

Happy Wednesday, beebs.


  1. I'm in the middle of the "Jesus just take me now!" stage. I've been hearing about the pink stork stuff, might have to give it a try.

  2. Try try try!! It was such a lifesaver

  3. Between Jenna's birth story and you convincing me I could *actually* not die during another first trimester/entire pregnancy I am straight up jonesing for a babe now-- definitely bookmarking this- thank you!

  4. Pink stork (and several other supplements) helped me a ton in my 4th pregnancy! In pregnancies 1-3, I vomited multiple times a week (sometimes multiple times a day) until mid to late-second trimester but with #4, I only vomited a handful of times the entire pregnancy. I still felt miserable, but it was definitely a functional type of miserable as opposed to non-functional.
    Funny story- the research that eventually led me to pink stork pointed to magnesium deficiency as a possible cause for extreme pregnancy sickness. In pregnancies 1-3, I spent a lot of time in the bath because it was the only time I didn't feel horrendous and I always added epsom salt. Epsom salt is magnesium! It was a total light bulb moment. I'd been giving my body what it wanted without even realizing it!

  5. Congrats on your new baby! I am ordering this Zeal!!! (That's how their marketing team failed them, there aren't enough exclamation points in the name/copy). What flavor should I get?

    1. Yes! It's the bomb. The amazon ones are knock offs so don't order there. Email me! I'll hook ya up.

  6. Wow. It makes me really happy to hear of someone else having success with morning sickness using topical magnesium!(pink stork) I've never had morning sickness as bad as some get it(throwing up) but I get an extreme aversion to almost all foods. With my last pregnancy I had an entire week where I could barely eat and could barely get off the couch. It was miserable. I used magnesium lotion(different brand) and almost overnight my aversion and extreme fatigue were gone. I wish more woman knew about the magnesium for morning sickness! I still use it after pregnancy because my lack of magnesium is always felt in my legs. Love love love!!