Sunday, September 10, 2017

The date says it all...

If the last post dates almost exactly 3 months ago then you better know she got knocked up and is now in her second trimester holllllaaaaa!

(back 2 life, back 2 reality.... kinda)

I read the first sentence of that last post and lol'ed a bit bc summer was off to a fantastic start and then I peed on that little stick and life came to a screeching halt. Funny how that little line can change everything. I found out I was pregnant on July 3 (a mere 4 weeks pregnant) and by week 5 I was laid da fuq out (pardon my real). Usually I have until week 7 or 8 to start feeling bad but this one hit me like a ton of bricks. The reality is, of course, of course, you can't complain a lot when your body is tackling the immense task of growing a life. I have had healthy, uneventful pregnancies and I am so, so grateful. But there is also the very real reality that pregnancy can be completely grueling, and consuming, and even awful. This one felt a lot like that. For all of the wonder and gratitude that comes with it, it's strange and complicated to accept and manage the feelings of ugh this is so so so bad that can often come be a part of it. I certainly experienced those feelings this time around, and they are tricky.

Anyway, I am 14 weeks as of tomorrow and feeling more and more like myself every day. So grateful. For as many weeks as I was down n' out, I'm not fleeing a hurricane or some other natural disaster and I'm getting a new baby out of the deal so, perspective. Turns out that every one around here survived my mental/emotional/physical absence and we can all move right along just fine. I suppose kids are resilient and understanding when they are anticipating a new baby. I'm forever grateful for my kids ability to see the joy in that even when I'm a zombie.

There are so many things I feel the intense urge of unload about but I'll mainly focus on the positives which include how I freaking survived the last 8 weeks (read: surprisingly amazing supplements and totally selfless friends), an slightly insane but awesome road trip to CO, a bomb vacay to Palm Springs where I floated in a pool for many hours a day while sipping cold beverages and mentally trying to erase the entirety of my first trimester, and the fact that I decided to pony up the $50 to get an early gender detection ultrasound next Wednesday. I'm sure it will simply conclude that I'm having yet another bing-bong but at least I will know and we can all move right along.

All that and more but we should all probably just dip our toes in the waters of Fikedom before I get too overwhelming. For now I leave you with my XL belly + big brother (how???) because he's cute but also because I don't have much else exciting on my camera roll.

Hope life has been blissfully good to you all. Everyone in Florida- I'm praying for you!!!!


  1. Congrats mama!! So wonderful that you will have another lovely Fike baby.
    "Morning" sickness sucks, and pregnancy is just generally hard. Hang in there!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Another adorable Fike!!!

  3. Yeah for new baby ~ and feeling better each day!!

  4. Yippee! Joyous, delightful news. Sending all our congratulations and love xo

  5. Congrats Fikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. I laughed at this because I too had big plans for my summer...before I found out I was pregnant. I had help 3 afternoons a week to take the big kids to the pool during naptime and I was going to get my house completely decluttered and organized. Womp womp. Instead I took naps.

  7. Congratulations! Such exciting news and glad you are feeling better! I am just barley 4 weeks along with my fourth and my palms sweat each time I think about what the next several weeks will bring. Thank you for your honesty and humor :)

  8. Congratulations!!! You got this!

  9. Congrats!!! This announcement made my day!! -emily