Saturday, September 16, 2017

God knows






ANOTHER BING BONG. 4 in row, 4, 4 and under, 4. (These are the lines running NYSE in my head).

Can you believe? Well, yes, dumb question. I'm sure you can. Even I, proud gestating mother of boys, can believe it. I even laughed out loud when I saw that little peep all aglow on the screen. You're a boy, aren't you, you little stinker??

Yeah, mom :P

Anyway, I wasn't sad as I thought I would be when I considered the mere possibility of this babe being another boy. I really just laughed, and then I called Kirby and he laughed, too. I'd call it an affectionate tossing our hands up moment for the both of us. A true -_-. A cheeky eyeroll towards the heavens.

But there are already little moments making me genuinely excited that this baby is a boy. 1. I realllllllly freaking love my guys. I love our mornings with the kids away at school, I love watching them play, I love spoiling them with "bra-ssants" from Starbucks. I love how terrible they are to eachother and how easily they recover. I love how Francis is already one of the pack. 2. I kinda wonder how a girl would fare around here at this point. Yesterday morning I had just gotten Francis up and as I changed his diaper, Pete and Joe just climbed all over him. Knees in the stomach, elbow in the temple, etc. And he was so happy. Gleeful, even. I imagine maybe a little one year old girl would not be so happy given similar circumstances. and 3. I just know God's plan is so utterly, utterly perfect for me. He knows what he is doing and so I'll just sit and watch the tide roll in. I am a mother of five boys. FIVE! AH! Laugh/cry/repeat/etc.

Come at me, little bing bonger.


  1. I've got 5 guys. 1 girl. I love my boys, but yes, I say quite often, how did I get FIVE boys?!


  2. Congrats!! :D put your hands in the air because you are a true playa!

  3. Congrats!! We had 4 boys 5 years old and under and it is a crazy, fun, blast! We are expecting #5 and find out gender in about 1 week! I am going to guess another boy! 😉

  4. 6 boys in 7 years over here. They are awesome; you got this!!

  5. Being a mom to three boys is easy compared to being a mom to my two girls. .. Congrats!

  6. Congrats! I've got 4 boys and 1 girl. Funny enough my girl is my most challenging temperament! I must be better equipped for boys :)

  7. I have five boys, too, with one girl. I, too, never would have expected to have so many boys, but it really is so fun! And I agree with Kyndra; the boys are much easier than my girl! Congrats!

  8. My six boys are easier than my one girl, so there's that :)

  9. 22 weeks, here. Hoped for a girl, tbh. Told the ultrasound tech that we didn't want to know gender. She slipped the pronoun, "he" so both husband and I are left wondering. And now I think how awesome it would be to have a fifth boy. So.

  10. I just had my third boy and someone asked me 'are you sad he isnt a girl?'

    If i could go back in time and somehow make it so it was a girl baby pregnancy i wouldnt. Not ever. The tbought of never having Henry is heartbreaking.

    Which is ironic cause id be lying if i said i wasnt disappointed at the gender scan