Monday, August 24, 2015


Were we all talking about something?? School?

Since I dumped a world of heaviness on you let's turn the dial towards light and airy for a minute. Ah, that feels better.

On that note, since my girls have homeschooled and are non-uniform wearing individuals I use the back to (home)school excuse to buy them a few new necessities in the fall. I try to stream line my purchases to a brand or two for everyone because I like dependability and simplicity when it comes to items my kids will be putting on their bodies and wearing everyday/trashing. The girls needed sneaks for non-toe showing weather (about 14 days in Feb.) and soccer which starts up again pretty soon. So, in the name of style and function I grabbed them both a pair of Converse low-tops. And in the name of matchiness and FOMO, I grabbed some for Clemmy and me, too. Heyo!

How awesome are these ones that have elastic in the heel so your kids can slip them on without tying??? A moment of silence please. Amen.

I loved shopping through Rack Room Shoes for 4 nay 5 reasons.

1. Internet! You couldn't pay me to take allll these people and their opinions *actual* shoe shopping. I like to shop in my secret iPhone lair where no one can see what I'm doing or care what I'm doing. A box comes to the door and THERE ARE YOUR THINGS. Breezay.

2. BOGO! The only other place I've ever known to do Buy-One-Get-One 50% off was a little cheapy shoe place that didn't have the best selection or quality. The more kids I have, the more people will get handed down a pair of shoes, the more quality reallllly matters. Rack Room Shoes offers continual BOGO on ALL SHOES. So, if you're in the market for a billion pairs... this is the spot.

3. Solid brands and lots of options. This matters cause (see above)!

4. The option to give a little something extra. This season, Rack Room Shoes is raising funds for their annual Shoes That Fit program. This means that at check-out, every shopper has the option to donate towards gifting new shoes to kids in need this school year. Rack Room matches all giving 100% up to 300k and uses 10% of your donation in your local community, specifically. It can be hard to remember to do good when we can. Rack Room Shoes give us an easy way to do a little bit more. I love that.

5. Rewards that don't require you to sign up for a credit card! Isn't that how it always works?  @#!! Hate that. $15 bucks for every $200 spend, coupons, and more.

If your kids need new shoes this season, this has got to be your spot! Use that BOGO as an excuse to get yourself new shoes even though you don't need them. Like me! Then take a cheeser matchy pic! Like me!!


  1. Yesterday I allllmost complimented Clemmir on her adorable kicks. She was face down in your shoulder at the moment, then I forgot. This sounds brilliant. Clicking now to see about wedding shoes for my crazy boys.

  2. Hot mama! And cute, cute girls. Love the matching shoes.

  3. My two year old has aqua converse kicks, so naturally, I'm a huge fan of your style choices. :)

  4. Those converse kicks are so cute on all of you! I love the cheesy matchy family thing :)


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