Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fave thingers

Johnny pronounces "fingers" thingers. Don't you ever change, Johnny boy.

Speaking of, this week seems to be an improvement! Kirby has taken him to school 2 days in a row and he just has been skipping riiigggght in. Must be my sweet, sweet lovin' that brings the anxiety right out of him. I'm also realizing how short the day really is, and how I can still do stuff with him. I plan to start 100 Easy Lessons and maybe some catechism and I figure that should satiate my I need to be in your life needs. It seems like a good meet-in-the-middle spot. Anyway, thank you all for your encouragement, advice, commiseration, etc. Really. It meant so much.

The girls start Monday and I'm super ready for it. I think they are, too. The summer funk is starting to descend in mass boredom, hotness, bad attitudes and bickering. I think a few hours of daily work will do us all good.

Anyway, none of those things are the point of this post. I just kinda wanted to ramble about things I'm loving these days. ((((SEGUE)))

1. But still along similar lines, I am gathering a few things for Clemmy to do for fun while school is in sesh. I bought these cutie little books for her to look at and I LOVE them.

The Odd One Out here, Where's the Pair? there.

I was recommended 26 Letters to Heaven by a friend, too. I snatched it right up and it seems SO lovely. I think I'll work through this with C & J and whoever else is willing to be soaked in sweetness.

2. I'm loving these jeans. Jenna recommended them a while back and she was right. They are the perfect combo of high-waisted, tuck in all the flab and stretchy, anyone can wear these. Plus intentional ripped knees, for awesome.
These look almost exactly the same and these are even cheaper. I'm telling you, paired with my favorite, most embarrassing undergarment... win! Win! The last time I was postpartum, I fell in love with Gap's boyfriend jeans (remember that?) but nowwww Grace is telling me the girlfriend jeans are where it's at. Have you purchased? Can you verify? (links provided for all your shopping/twinning needs). PS still love the boyfriend's, after all these years year.

3. Snapchat!
I'm sold. I'm snapchatting my life away these days. One of my friends tried to talk me into it a few months ago and I was like NO, HASHTAG NO. No one needs another vehicle for social media these days. No one. But then I secretly got an account to spy on The Bachelorette and her new fiance and it totally won me over. It's basically all the junk that is too boring and basic to put on Instagram... which makes it brilliant. I love checking in on my friends to see what their world is looking like right then. It's not polished and it's not filtered and it's so fun. You also can't "like" or comment or really engage with anyone too much so it's not a time waster! I also love that I can save my snaps from the day on my camera roll. I feel like I'm building a little haphazard daily video journal of our life, which was something I was *clearly* missing. Come a-freakin' board, matey! {blythefike is me}

4. Now if you were on Snapchat, you would have seen my new shoes! Kirby and I got to fly up to Seattle for a wedding a few weekends ago with was Dreamland, USA. But more on that later. I had to get new shoes for the wedding ("had") so I took a chance on these leather sandals on sale at Madewell  (That could be a rap lyric). They are so lovely. I can't even be sarcastic or cheesy when I talk about them, I just love them. They are my fav sandal ever. I would double underline that if I could. Pro tip: size down because the leather stretches a bit.

5. "Basically a screwdriver"
Kirby made that gem of a comment on Sunday when we were at Kendra's visiting with Haley, Daniel and the Darr's (SOFUN). We were drinking Paloma's (grapefruit juice+tequila) and Kirby piped up to comment that they were basically screwdrivers (vodka+orange juice, right?) THAT IS VERY DIFFERENT. And then last night we went out again to hang with some good friends and their houseguests, The Stewarts (again), and Michaela stopped by (again) and we drank basically screwdrivers (again!) and so much fun (again!!), but this time they were gin + grapefruit pellegrino and they were so delicious. Perfect summer beverage. Try it!

6. My table.
So a few months ago, I was checking out one of the many cute vintage shops in our town and I found this little side table that I fell in love with. I couldn't buy it then but I sort of crossed my fingers that no one else would until I could. The table top was covered in brown paper and it was kinda hidden in a pile of other stuff so I snuck away and hoped no one would even notice it. So, Saturday I went out to find+buy my table and it wasn't anywhere in the shop I remembered it in. SAD! But on a whim, I popped into a shop I usually don't go in and as I was leaving the store I spotted the little gold legs under a black velvet shawl or something. I was soooooo excited that I found it (trust me, I snapchatted it with vigor!). So I bought it and carried it like a baby out to my car, feeling like a million vintage treasure-hunting bucks! And then I flipped it upside down and spotted half a ripped tag NATE BERKUS FOR TARGET.





  1. Ha! I've made the same vintage shopping mistake.

    So we grew up drinking Palomas but I didn't know that's what they were called until last summer. We add a squeeze of lime, a round of lime and a dash of salt. And now I want one.

  2. You've never steered me wrong with Jean advice!!

    And. Ps. You're so cute!

  3. Yay for 100 Easy Lessons! This makes me so happy for you. It sounds like things are going better now.

    Off to buy drink ingredients- Paloma's sound great!

    1. Thank you!! And yes on the drinks. I'm joining you in my mind...

    2. Next time you're in Seattle come over and join me IRL! And bring the kids- they can play with my crew (6 girls, 2 boys, all under 12).

  4. Just downloaded snapchat and actually had to google how to use it...and yeah I'm 28, that was pretty sad ;) Any suggestions on who to follow???

    1. oh I know. It's sooo confusing! You'll get used to it. I follow grace(patton), jenna(wilber) and thealisonshow. I'm so lame! I don't follow many other people other than a few other close friends. Check your address book for anyone you might know.

    2. I'm with Olesya! I feel like an 80 year old when I'm on snapchat. Why did that movie just disappear??? Did I just post something??

    3. Ok! very selfishly I want you to know this, so I can stalk your life. You film or take a photo, then at the bottom of the image you press the icon thats like a little box with rounded corners with a plus sign in it, and then you add it to your story. From that page if you swipe left, you'll see everyone you follows recent updates on their stories. But the images or videos only last 24 hours. So save them (little arrow down looking thingie) if you want them to not be lost forever.

  5. And because I'm obvi 74 years old, I opened the boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans in different tabs to compare and I don't think I could tell the difference if they walked themselves down the street and introduced themselves to me. #illbeoverhereinmymomjeans #iwantmystyleback

    1. Haha!!! I think the boyfriends are just bigger?? Baggier? Something?

  6. And because I'm obvi 74 years old, I opened the boyfriend jeans and girlfriend jeans in different tabs to compare and I don't think I could tell the difference if they walked themselves down the street and introduced themselves to me. #illbeoverhereinmymomjeans #iwantmystyleback

  7. I have snapchat on my phone but it was only to monitor what my daughter was posting. Then I started watching some of the "discover" chats. Now I've added you. :-)

  8. Those books look gorgeous and fun!
    Still laughing about that Target table... :)

  9. One of those jeans will probably be my first post-partum purchase. I'm thinking about leaving behind my whole wardrobe when we move because I'm so done with all of it!

  10. Nate Berkus for Target! HAHAHA!

    So fun to hang with you twice in a week. Gin n' grapefruit has to be new fave drink, so thank you. Makes me feel = Straight Outta Ventura. :D

    1. You must come to Ventura and have another with me!

  11. Cannot stop laughing over this phrase from the description of the brilliant undergarment you linked to...
    "Poppers at crotch"
    WHAT! That's a dance move, right??
    Still, that bitch has been added to the Cart.

    1. Oh man I never noticed that!! Haha!!! Git it, gurl

  12. Ok that table story literally made me LOL. Yes I said it. Great post!

  13. I love this list! Paddle to the Sea is so cute! The National Film Board of Canada actually did a movie of it too, which I thought was really well done when I saw it as a kid ( And it also appears to be on amazon! (


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