Sunday, September 4, 2016

7 quickers on Saturday

yo YO YO.

It's 8:44 on a Saturday and I just made a root beer float and decided to post a little quick something. True story.

1. Craigslist, my lovah

Ok, I admittedly troll Craigslist all the time for potential murderers deals on items we are in need of. I don't know if I ever mentioned the fact that when we moved we doubled our living space. Now, this is fabulous news for me and my family of alot but sad news for all those giant swathes of floor with zero furnishings to sit atop them. My current search looks like---- couch, chairs, rug, dining table, chair, dining chairs, outdoor furniture, table, tables, console table, side table, over and over and over. Now I love a deal. I loooooove a deal. Even if I had money to spend, I would still prefer to nab something for cheap rather than pay full price. Especially knowing we are in the stage of life where mostly everything gets trashed and nothing can be too precious. I feel a sense of pride looking around the house and seeing how many things I've thrifted or bought for cheap or dragged off a curb... which is mostly all of it.

Anyway, let me introduce you to my very best CL purchase to date.

After two months of trolling for a second couch I came across this sofa from West Elm listed on the List for F I F T Y D O L L A R SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Five zero.


And no one even died on it. It was just a sofa owned by a wealthy man for his second home which he didn't need. And I got it. Amen, hallelujah.

Knowing that Kirby would be totally adamant about not driving to LA to buy the potentially sketchy West Elm sofa, I waiting until he had left town (like the wise, schemey woman I am) and dragged my mom down to Hollywood with me to collect my prize. The generous couch-seller even roped it on top of my car for me and I paid a local friend in beer to take it off and carry it in the house the next day. Mission way accomplished, bb. Behold. (Also behold my laundry pile, a step ladder, a semi-nude child, and that random Ikea trailer play tent I impulse bought)

2. Shirt Alert

I have this super fun habit of buying these linen Madewell tees that are really breezy and flattering and unwashable... and then I wash them. And ruin them. You can imagine my happy when I saw a knock-off type linen/cotton blend situation at Old Navy that is washing machine washable amennnnn. And for $7 AMENNNNN!

Mine came in the mail today and I swear it is just as cute and just as quality as any Madewell tee I've subsequently ruined.

Go forth and buy.

(Speaking of linen shirts that you can't machine wash gosh how cute is this one with the ruffle back (cryyyyy emoji)).

3. Shoe Love/Lust

Let me just push the superficiality of this post into the fifth dimension and mention that I've been dying over these. (and wishing I could Craigslist them)

4. Music Man

My baby brother plays in a band called The Head & The Heart.

This week I took the big kids down to LA to watch them shoot a music video and it was such an awesome time. The band were all dressed like sleazy, loungey musicians in white polyester and later Hero confessed that she was so nervous to touch Uncle Kenny because he was wearing SUCH a fancy suit. How cute is that? It was so great to watch him doing a job I would otherwise never get to see. So proud of my brobie. Here is a little pic dump of our afternoon.

5. Pee Probs

I won't name names but we are having some (seemingly) never ending peeing-the-bed issues over here that are driving me a leeeedle bonkers. Yes, we toss pull-ups on the offenders but I am ready to start something a bit more hardcore.

A friend of mind recommended this bedwetting alarm in conjunction with this book. Do you have any recommendations?? Anyone else out there in this struggle with me?

I was mentioning my frustrations to Jenna and I said something like "Man, is this just the Fike model? A few totally chill, sanguine kids that forever wet the bed?" and she mentioned that maybe there is actually a connection there! They are just so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that they don't even mind swimming in their own pee at night. Or climbing in my bed to do it... (true story ಠ_ಠ)

I don't remember reading that in The Temperament God Gave Your Kids but maybe my sanguine self just flitted right on past it.


6. Baby Bb

He is just such a sweetie baby. He has blue eyes and one dimple and a very severe friar tuck stuck-in-headlights type of vibe. But he gives me the dreamiest grins and he snuggles me all night long. Love my little baby.

7. Casita Bonita

I know I haven't done a house tour and I promise to (once all the rooms are clean enough for me to take pics of them) but I love our home. I mean, I lovvvve it. Sometimes I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude about it that I feel like I could burst into tears. Tonight I was sitting outside our living room watching magic hour settle over the valley while Hero worked on cartwheels and it hit me again how incredibly grateful I am that we found this magical place to be our place. It feels like a little bit of heaven to me.

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  1. So I almost never comment, but I read your blog all the time (so excited you're posting more!). Anyway, I am super excited that you are still planning to do a house tour, not because I'm creepy (I hope - just a mother of five, almost six, who wants to see how other families arrange their big family homes, especially since you mentioned that it only has two bedrooms, and now I am super curious how you make that work). Also, my son is the only one of my kids who has kept regularly wetting the bed past potty training, and he is also my most chill and relaxed kid - I do wonder if there is a connection there.

    1. Yes you're not the first person to say this! I bet there is some sort of connection. I agree on the wanting to know how people set up their houses too!! Ill get to that soon... I think...

  2. I had one that wet the bed on the reg foreverrrrrrr, and he eventually just outgrew it. For that kid, it seemed to be a combo of being a superduperhard sleeper, and having a bladder that couldn't hang with that length of deep sleep. I think he was 7-8-9(???) before bladder and sleep cycle synced up.

    The things that made it not a big deal for us: heavy duty mattress pads, beds made up in layers (like 3 or 4 layers of bedding, so nighttime accident=whip off wet sheet/soiled mattress pad and have fresh bedding/dry mattress pad beneath), and the most absorbent pull ups we could find.

    They really do outgrow it without much effort on our part. Just make life as easy as you can until they do.

    1. I keep going through phases of "just don't care, they will outgrow it..." And being freaked out that it hasn't resolved yet!

  3. In Australia, our public hospitals have a "Continence program" that is available to all kids from about 6 years & older. It involves getting your child to drink huge amounts of water daily for over a month inorder to 'stretch the bladder'. Then they hire out the alarm to you for a nominal fee. The alarm worked for us-my eldest only needed it to go off once, & it took my youngest about a week or two. Have heard good reports from other parents too....The alarms are LOUD, so waking up EVERYBODY is a risk. That said, watching a child sleeping through the 120 decibel blaring cacophony does awaken one to the miraculous super-human qualities of small people-how do they DO that?

  4. I'm so happy about your lovely house! Wish I could come visit. Also, "wise, schemey woman" = perfect! And, in my nursing studies I've come across evidence that those alarms really work. Worth it if the kid(s) in question is older than 8 or so.

  5. That might be the Craigslist holy grail right there. My hat is off to you. And you are totally right about the satisfaction of a bargain thing, what is that about?? 90% of my furniture consists of free Craigslist finds, two of which I literally got off the side of the road. Maybe it's a Proverbs 31 thing: she rises before dawn and scores amazing deals, she clothes her household in Craigslist. That's probably it. We're just v biblical.

  6. Mother of many between 0 and 15 here, among them two previous heavy bedwetters. My experience is that perhaps 10% is behavioral, the rest is physiological. Mine wet their beds constantly until I took them to an amazing osteopath (specializes in 'palpable osteopathy')who worked on their internal organs, mostly colon/bladder. Two visits each. One is now completely dry, the other one has one accident per month instead of every single night.

  7. A few friends and I have a Sanguine Bed wetters support group because we are convinced there is a connection between the sanguines and bed wetting. My melancholics/phlegmatic child hasn't wet a bed since he was potty trained the first time at age almost 3, but LORDY my almost 6 year old sanguine still has issues from time to time..

  8. That is SO interesting!! There must be a connection...