Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PP wins and a heartattack

Happy Monday... Tuesday? Whatever it is. Three day weekends always mess me up.

I just wanted to sign in to give you an crucial update because I always follow through. Ok, no I don't but right now I am.

Remember how I wrote to tell you all about those seven dollar jeans? So, I actually wore them for the first time yesterday and they are SO CUTE. They are $25 cute, maybe even $50 or $75 depending on how desperate you are for good jeans. My body is feeling pretty impossible these days so this was a big win for me. They kinda remind me of a cheapy version of these boyfriend jeans by Madewell. The waist is high and very forgiving.

I have two pairs of BF jeans from Gap. One that I already blogged about and one that G hand-me-downed me when I dropped a size during my postpartum with Peter. Honestly, I felt like the third pair was a little gratuitous but, come on SEVEN BUCKS! But these are not the same as the others. Perfectly high waisted and high watered. My usual BF jean look is low-slung and baggy but these just look so good at your natural waist. Or maybe I'm just too chubs for them at the moment. EITHER WAY I win. These are my new faves and I almost wish I had a second pair for wash days or for days when someone rams into my thigh with ketchup all over their face...

My point is, even if you already have a pair or two or three, you might want to rethink.

In other news, Joe spooked me out SO BAD the other night. I have to tell you about it.

Kirby was at the store after the kids were in bed and I was sitting our desk in the kitchen when I heard our toy piano playing. The piano is in Joe's room and was unreachable from his crib so my first thought was that the piano must have been moved to the girl's room and one of them was up goofing off. I stood up and went to the living room to confirm which direction the sound was coming from and it definitely was not coming from the girl's room. I started to freak out a little bit. Joe had been asleep for over an hour and I hadn't heard him talking or laughing or crying at all. The piano was still playing. The scariest part was that it was melodic, not like a baby banging on the keys, not like Joe was playing it. I walked to the door outside of Joe's room and listened more. Maybe Johnny had snuck out of bed and into Joe's room? I went to check on Johnny and Pete and both were sound asleep. The piano kept playing. My first thought was that there was for sure a psycho killer in Joe's room who was earily playing the toy piano to lure me into an I Know What You Did Last Summer style death. And I honestly thought for a minute if it was smart to go into the room without a baseball bat.
I opened the door and immediately saw nothing. No murderer, no hands at the keys, nothing. There was a blanket draped over the edge of the crib so I couldn't even see Joe. Option 2: Haunted house.
It seriously took everything I had to walk into the room and peer over the edge of Joe's crib and when I did I saw him lying there, wide awake, sucking on an empty bottle with his FOOT through the slats of the crib, playing with his toes under the blanket.

And then he laughed at me. Shoot me dead. o_O

Happy Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever!


  1. Haha! Oh my gosh. My uncle told me (before we had kids) that nothing will creep you out more than the shit your kids will do. So true.

  2. Once, at 2am, I heard a MAN'S voice coming from my 3 year old daughter's room (over the monitor). He was talking and it straight up scared the #$#@ out of me. I woke my husband up in a panic, who went down the hall ready to take on the intruder. Turns out a book with Christmas sounds was malfunctioning and Santa was creepily exclaiming "Ho ho ho!" over and over again. Dead. I died.

  3. Once my 2-year old daughter woke up screaming in the middle of the night, and when I went to her she pointed behind me and said, "What's that man doing in our house?"
    I was SO SCARED to turn around.
    Thankfully there was nothing (assume it was a bad dream?) but I still made my husband scour our house for intruders :)

  4. So apparently when my sister and I were two (we are twins) my mom went to the cabin before my dad and was sleeping in bed with us when one of us said "mommy who's that man looking in the window" and she said she was too scared to look!! So who knows if it was real! I can only sleep in a room with windows covered. Also my husband works nights! I'm in for it.

  5. A cat walking across the piano keys at night. Not a happy sound to hear in the middle of the night.

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